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pēpəlwərk values learning, so we have created a place where Talent and Educators can connect.

We match educators with people who are actively seeking learning opportunities to help them advance their skills and make them more marketable in the working world.

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Match with Interested Learners
We match Talent with the education that gets them the jobs they want. That means that work and education happen simultaneously. Post a course and get matched with Learners who need the skills you teach.

Career Services for Students
To be the best educator, you need to focus on curriculum, engaging students and finding a good balance between theory, application, and history. Let us focus on job placement, career services and teaching your students how to thrive in the work market.

educator pricing and features

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  • You have a credential or years of working experience that make you an expert at something
  • You provide online and/or in person classes
  • You teach hard skills in business, trade, technical or creative fields
  • At the end of the course the learners can test or demonstrate their successful understanding of the course content
  • You are a formal institution, university, trade school, or individual
  • Match you with interested learners
  • Gives you information that keeps your course planning relevant
  • Gives you outcome-based reporting to demonstrate the value of your courses
  • Gives you direct feedback on the teachers of the course to improve delivery

teach the skills that company need and talent want to learn

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