According to the Department of Labor, summer jobs in the industries below spike each year like clockwork. Think about businesses in your area that will cater to those on vacation, outdoor sports and entertainment, and the industries that support them (like transportation).

Food services

Food service is, by far, one of the biggest employers in the country. When compared with nearly any industry, or any time of year, food service has one of the highest hiring rates, according to the Department of Labor. During the summer, these jobs skyrocket, as winter-weary citizens start taking advantage of Sunday Funday, brunch on the patio, and evenings outside. If you want to work in an establishment that serves alcohol, make sure you comply with the state authority’s licensing laws.

Top food service skills to add to your Talent Profile: Friendliness; Attention to detail; Communication; High Energy; Problem Solving; Customer Service; Food Safety

Amusements, gambling, and recreation

Food services isn’t the only game in town as the weather begins to improve. Amusement parks and other recreational businesses will need to hire seasonal workers to deal with a spike in their business.

Depending on the job, you could find yourself running a roller coaster, or sweeping up after patrons. Regardless, if you work with the public, you will want to add these skills to your Talent Profile: Team Work; Basic Computer Skills; Communication; Self-Starter; Time Management; Customer Service

Performing arts and spectator sports

A great bonus to working a summer job in performing arts, movie theaters, and spectator sports is free and reduced ticket prices. If you love baseball, get a job in the local club or at the stadium. If you love musicals, plays, and ballet, the nearest professional performing arts center is the place to go. Performing arts and spectator sports jobs run the gamut. They are huge organizations that need everyone from marketing, I.T., and business services, to food runners, sweepers, and servers. (We’re assuming Head Coach is taken.)

Add your interests specifically to your Talent Profile. If you are interested in working in the performing arts sector, add relevant interest to your skills bank. These might include, drama, film, dance, and theater. If you have relevant skills, such as stagehand or lighting tech, make sure you add them as well.

If you are interested in working in the sports sector, make sure to add it to your interests. The employers in these industries want to have engaged and enthusiastic workers, so don’t shy away from adding these interests as well as your relevant hard skills in your Talent Profile.

Museums, historical sites, and similar institutions

Similar to the above summer jobs. Because these organizations are so huge, you will find a range of opportunities in them. Make sure to add your relevant interests, such as history, fine art, archeology, or research to your Talent Profile so we can have the best shot at matching you to them.

Scenic and sightseeing transportation

Do you love the outdoors? Finding a company that runs a tourism-based business is an excellent option for a summer job. Vacationers travel across the country to have new and different experiences and count on seasonal workers to help make their vacations fun and memorable.

Skills to add to your Talent Profile include: Driving; Customer service; High energy; Friendliness; CPR (if you have your certification); Detail oriented; Safety; Cash handling.

In addition, if the job you want is very specialized, make sure to add your sailing, kite surfing, hiking, tour guiding, and other special skills in addition to the skills mentioned above.

The more skills you include in your Talent Profile, the more options we have to match you to a great summer job!