Career Exploration for Students: Supporting the Talent of Tomorrow

We talk a lot about the influence of technology on our working world and the need to prepare for the Future of Work. There are many roles that exist today that will be replaced by computer programs, automation and machines, while others will evolve and new jobs will emerge. So, what about students entering this fast-changing working world? We need to guide them and impart our knowledge. pepelwerk supports young adults and offers career exploration for students. Learn more about our initiatives in this blog!

Preparing the next generation of Talent for a changing working world

With automation and AI creating heavy change in different industries, from job displacement to role reassignment and new job types emerging, the working world is intimidating to many young people at the start of their careers. At pepelwerk, we want to help the next generation of Talent to thrive.
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Advanced technologies are changing the way businesses are run, empowering innovation. And Generation Z is a tech-savvy breed which has grown up with modern technology. Gen Zers are intuitive and resourceful and they’re used to new apps popping up every day. We think they have the potential to thrive in this era of tech innovation. They just need to be guided towards suitable career paths for their attributes and talents, where specific skills are in-demand for future jobs. So, let’s prepare this new generation of Talent for the Future of Work!