Find Your Career Match and Make the Most of Your Skills

Take a moment to think about how you came into your current job. Was it by default? Did your parents help you get the job? Was it the only company that responded to your application? If you went to college, a trade school or university, is your job related to your qualifications? Now think about your attitude to the job. Do you enjoy the work and the problems you’re asked to solve? Does the job utilise your skills? How you answer these questions will determine whether you’re in need of career coaching. The guidance can help you to discover your ideal career match.
We want to support the next generation of Talent in learning about how their natural abilities and interests can serve them in the working world. Discover how career coaching services can help you and how they’re offered to young adults.

The origin of aptitude tests and people assessments

Since the early 1900s, public education, psychologists and employers have used aptitude tests to determine an individual’s ability to be successful in a particular job. DISCOADMyers-Briggs are just a few examples. Some help people to pick a major in college, others are pre-screening tools to use before offering someone a job. 
After a hundred years of trial and error, we should live in a social utopia where we all live and work in our perfect jobs, right? But why hasn’t this happened? Is it because as humans we don’t like assessments to box us in, like the movie Divergent? Could it be down to there being too many assessment options? Is there a big conspiracy from our parents to make us learn things the hard way? Or is it because some of us hate tests, as they fail to recognize our real capabilities?

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