The Future of Work is Here Whether You Like It or Not

When you add the word “future” to the word “work” in a sentence, people typically visualize robots. Your mind may drift to a utopian existence. Life is filled with endless time to do what you want to do and the robot does everything else – you’ve outsourced yourself! Or it might conjure a nightmarish vision, where robots take over and humanity is enslaved! Well, we outline a more realistic vision for the future of work in this blog. Take a look…

Automation and simplification goes way back

Most people think that the concept of robots and automation are a 21st century innovation. But humans have created ways to simplify hard labor or distribute tasks to someone (or something) else since the beginning of time. Whether it’s pencil vs stone, assembly lines vs manual processes, paper vs Word documents, or robot vs human, it’s an iteration of automation and how we apply technology to our lives. When it comes to robots, set aside your Hollywood-tinted vision of human-like automatons for a moment. 
We are specialists in the future of work, preparing our next generation of Talent for the working world. Let’s put the spotlight on the different kinds of robots and work-based automation that will create an impact on our work lives.

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