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What should I expect from the Work Hub?

You should expect to match with real people for the jobs you want to hire. We manage the experience from sourcing to hire and grow a talent pool of people that will match with jobs and companies based on attitude, attribute and work-life fit. Our experience makes it possible for you to match, hire, and develop people and encourages a sense of urgency and accountability for both you and candidates.

The work hub is not a data source for you to pull personal or business contact information from in bulk. You can get contact information from candidates after matching.

We are not a social media or social selling platform. You can engage with people when you have qualified reason to and mutual interests.

We are not a resume databank like a job board. We will share profiles that have been verified based on abilities, attitudes and attributes. Some users may provide a resume if they have 8 years or more and are looking for match with jobs that are similar to their work history. You cannot download any profile information until you have hired someone.

We are not a staffing agency. We want to offer direct hire opportunities to people .

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