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What’s the difference between a career fair and a pepelwerk match event?

A career fair, also known as a job fair, is a gathering of buyers and sellers at a particular place and time for companies that want to offer work to meet people looking for a job that has a specific duty, role, or function.  

Webster Job Fair  

A  job fair , also commonly referred to as a  job expo  or  career fair  or  career expo , is an event in which employers, recruiters, and schools give information to potential employees. Job seekers attend job fairs to speak face-to-face with potential employers, fill out  resumes , and ask questions about the various positions available. In addition to in-person events,  online job fairs  give job seekers a virtual way to get in contact with possible employers. 

Job fair – Wikipedia 

Job fairs and career fairs are best used for awareness, marketing and introductions. They are not the best if your goal is to get or gain employment. There are not statistics available related to how many people actually get jobs from job fairs or career fairs because the outcome is rarely measured. If they are measure the statistics of the event or more aligned with a marketing event. The measure of good job fair for most organizations is how many people attended.  

A pepelwerk match event happens on specific dates and are a series of pre-arranged interviews. The goal of our events is to get people jobs. We measure our events by how effective and efficient the experience was.  

A pepelwerk match event can be hosted by an organization, or an organization can participate in a pepelwerk hosted event.  

We organize both in-person and virtual events.  

People looking for their goal job must complete a profile in the app in order to get invited to match event.  

To learn more about pepelwerk events go here.  

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