what does hiring have to do with diversity, equity and inclusion?


We believe that changing how we decide a person is qualified for an opportunity to earn income and how we approach their readiness for future opportunities is the key to making economic equity a social norm instead of the exception.

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we are more than a technology company
we are a social impact enterprise

learn why it's not just about the technology. it's about the outcomes and experiences it creates for your
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What is economic equity?

We define it as a social principle that assumes that life experiences that provide an individual the opportunity to achieve financial health are accessible to all, free from bias or favoritism.

diversity of thought

What is diversity and inclusion?

We define diversity as a condition where there is not uniformity of thoughts, ideas, life experiences, cultural norms, or ethnicity. We define inclusion as the act or practice of including and reasonably accommodating people who have historically been excluded or systematically prohibited from opportunity based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or class/income level.

what is social impact or a social impact enterprise?

Social impact is the result of your decisions on society. A social impact enterprise, like pepelwerk, is a for-profit business delivering products or services that positively impact and measure social impact to achieve their business mission.

our goal

To help companies evolve how they hire, evaluate, and ready their workforce to create economic equity for the next generation of Talent.

make talent acquisition tools and technology easier for companies hiring to adopt

connect corporate goals to social impact goals with measurable results

get the job market and education closer together so help ready people for the future of work

experts influencing change understand why pepelwerk does what we do
to help companies do things better for the next generation

Futurists, Consultants & Advisors Influencing Business Leaders

Government Think Tanks, Social Influencers, Impact Investors

Equity Advocates Influencing the Community

read, listen, learn and act.