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Agriculture/Farming Industry Jobs and Skills

Agriculture & Farming Industry

Agricultural Skills


Land Cultivation




Time Management


Problem Solving


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Agricultural Jobs

Agriculture Specialist

Field Inspector

Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Planner

Crop Technician

Farm Hand/Laborer

Tractor Operator

Research Farm Specialist

Farm Supervisor

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Being a part of the Agriculture & Farming industry means that you want to contribute to the working world by helping people get the produce they want and need. These jobs are not just about being a part of an assembly line, you need to have a passion for the field and an understanding of the hard work involved.

Employers who use pepelwerk have a "why" behind their business, are transparent about how they operate and understand that offering a job is more than just work - it’s helping economies to change, move forward and thrive. You can put yourself in the shop window!

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