Recruitment Fraud and Public Job Posts


Pepelwerk is committed to bringing authenticity to the working world. The digital world is complicated, noisy and filled with people looking for a quick buck versus concerned with creating a real experience for their users. We are not built like that.

In order to help our Talent (job seekers) and our Employers, we do not have public job posts.

After the initial review of an Employers public posts, we ask that Employer to create their private account and manage their job posts.

We do not post jobs that are not active jobs. Once a job is active by an employer, the Talent and the Employer can actively pursue each other.

Our Employers must be registered business entities to create accounts and are monitored, flagged and prevent from putting job posts on our platform that are not direct hire jobs.

Our Talent must verify their identity while creating their Talent account and have the option of turning on and off their profile to avoid matching to Employers when they are not actively searching for work.

Recruitment Fraud is when a person, company or public job board falsely represents a working opportunity without the consent of the employer.

Please be vigilant to fraudulent activity if you receive a communication or e-mail regarding potential employment, or an invitation to submit applications to a public email address on behalf on an employer do not respond.

If you receive a request from someone offering to represent you in the job search, please review all terms and conditions and be aware of the impact it will make to your earning potential and your communication with employers.

Pepelwerk does not send direct email messages on behalf of any of our Employers to Talent. Do not respond to any private email addresses that say they represent pepelwerk or any of our Employers.

If you do receive suspicious email, please forward that email or copy the text message or send the phone number to