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Join our affiliate program.

Affiliates leverage pepelwerk technology to spread awareness about the future of work and give next generation career advice that impacts to their community.

Who it works for.

Our affiliate program is for people who share their knowledge, advice and work insights to their community, friends, family or social media platforms.  

How it works.

Only 5 affilates are accepted into the program every year.

Who are our partners?

Government Partners

We connect the department of labor and the department of education to help local, state and federal government support continuous employment and lifelong learning of citizens.

Business Partners

We make it possible for insurance firms, consulting firms, investment firms, associations and other for-profit businesses to put action to their strategic consulting advice and the services they offer. Our agency partners deliver their services to business-to-business, higher education, K-12 education, and other industries.

Foundation and Non-Profit Organizations

For philanthropic organizations that are committed to economic growth, economic equity, or economic mobility with a focus on access to education and employment we help you scale your impact and measure outcomes.

You can do that by sponsoring services for our customers or by offering pepelwerk experiences to your community directly.

Want to sponsor services or support our K-12 customers?

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