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A career matching platform so you are always ready to get your goal job.

The job market, companies and the skills needed to get in-demand jobs changes faster than ever. We want you to be ready.

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Truthful Insights On How To Pick a Career In The 21st Century

Resumes are good for bots

Resume based job application processes are discriminatory, riddled with games and hopes and are typically designed to eliminate you from the job and waist time. We want you to spend time on meaningful activities to reach your goals.

Build your legitimate private profiles so you can get matched by the jobs because of your attitudes, attributes and abilities.

The future of work is about skills and work fit

Whether it’s full-time, part-time, gig-work, shift-work, or an internship, you can match with jobs that align with your schedule and skills.

Confidential so you can reduce identity fraud.

When you submit an application through a job board and an applicant tracking system or create a public social media profile, your personal work history and information is at risk of being sold by data brokers, and scraping bots. Or you could be applying to a fake job and be a victim of recruiting fraud. 

Always be ready and skilled for in-demand jobs

We think that education and the job market should work together to help you reach our career goals.  Reduce the amount of unnecessary student loan debt by choosing education that matches an available in-demand job. 

Have questions about us, the app or services?

Check out FAQ for People , Knowledge Base or Chat with Us

Have question about your career? Open your app and schedule a session with a Career Coach.

Someone who joins the people community, by creating an account on pepelwerk, is looking to use our technology and services to accomplish their work-life goals by getting direct access to jobs, education, professional mentors, coaches and more.  

People come to us who are looking for career discovery, relaunching careers or someone who has a specific set of skills and are looking to get a goal job or income, to get education to close a skills gap or broaden your connections.  

1. Create your account in the people portal 

2. Download the pepelwerk mobile app 

3. Select a membership type and experiences that fit your needs: Free, Preferred Monthly and Preferred Annual 

4. Follow the steps to set up your goals and complete your profile, we will guide you through the rest!  

Please visit this page to learn about your options.

Because we are in the business of putting people first. We commit to keeping you earning, relevant, and informed as you navigate the working world. 

  • Get direct employment opportunities 
  • Savings and real-time education options 
  • Access to group benefits and discounts  
  • As a member of our community, you have a unique opportunity to create a profile that can stay with you your entire working life. As your skills change and become more advanced, so does your earning potential.  

Absolutely! Our tools are beneficial for a broad range of experience levels, especially for someone without previous work experience. 

We care about your potential, your transferable skills, and what you can do. 

Companies who post jobs, internships, externships, and learn-on-the-job opportunities with us are focused on skills and abilities gained from both professional experiences as well as life experiences.

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