The candidates that companies match, hire and meet on pepelwerk are goal-oriented people.

The people that join pepelwerk platform are diverse in thought, ideals, attributes, demographics and skills but they have one thing in common - they want to accomplish their work-life goals.

Real People Driven to Accomplish Their Goals and more Driven to Accomplish Company Goals

Companies hiring and building their future workforce can meet, match and hire individuals who use pepelwerk AI Career Guide to reach their work, earn, learn connect goals.  Goal oriented people are typically higher performing employees and higher quality candidates.

People you can hire.

Young Adults 16-18 years old looking for first job and planning for goal job.

Young Adults 19-24 years old looking for flexible job opportunities and planning for their goal job.

Adults in career transition or planning for their goal job.

People transitioning from military services to civilian jobs.

No fake accounts, no bots.

We are not a database, job board, social media platform or applicant tracking system. In order to create a profile and become a verified human candidate in our platform you must create and complete authentication steps. 

This helps companies hiring, people looking for work as soon as possible, and people planning for their goal job to spend more time making meaningful matches and less time shuffling through fake and useless data.

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