Making it easier for recruiters to source and develop a talent pipeline with their own AI Sourcing and Screening Assistant.

For recruiters who know the importance of getting people into the best fit jobs as soon as possible is key to the financial wellbeing of the business, families, communities and economies.

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Join the pepelwerk talent marketplace to source and qualify real people based on their Attitude, Attributes and Abilities.

For 20 years the leadership of pepelwerk have helped hundreds of thousands of companies hire and develop a productive and effective workforce. Now more than ever recruiters need an AI sourcing and screening assistant to filter out fake profiles, resume gaining, and third party requests.

Build Job Profiles to improve the job fit.

Get access to people availability and capabilities to understand skills gap in the communities you want to hire in.

Improve efficiency and effectiveness of sourcing and screening.

Predicatively build your talent pipeline workforce up to 2 years in advance.

To enhance your job requirements to better meet your work expectations.

  • Decision making strategies for life.
  • Private profile and activities.

Share more about why people will work for your company and do the job you need done with AR and VR.

Quickly identified who needs to be upskilled, succession planning, and career development.

Reduce recruitment fraud, sales prospecting, and sharing strategic information through job postings by using our private marketplace.

Built-in proven work personality assessments, skills proficiency tests, and criminal background screening.

Let your AI recruiting and talent management assistant automatically communicate and complete feedback surveys.

Quickly identified who needs to be upskilled, succession planning, and career development.


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