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at pepelwerk we have unique point of view on how to improve our working world through the use of technology, people and experiences.
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What kind of services does pepelwerk provide for Companies Hiring?

  • All-in-one hiring hub for sourcing, skilling, and separating. Our hiring hub provides the most advanced technologies, data, and process applications for companies hiring to implement the ideal pre-hire experience.
  • Talent matching. Hire the most qualified diverse skilled candidates and say goodbye to the outdated and time-consuming process of sifting through piles of unqualified resumes.
  • Job management. Manage your open jobs with ease.
  • Up-skilling and re-skilling tools. Use our skills-gap analysis to identify current employees with the skills you need for work as your job needs change.
  • Our resource planning takes a future-looking perspective on how we combine human skills and advanced technology to help organizations deliver the next generation of products and services their customers want.
  • Zero implementation. We make integrating our pre-hire portal into your traditional systems easier and cost-effective.
  • Other offerings include Digital Job Match Events and Job Events near you, Third-Party Vendor Management, and more.

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