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at pepelwerk we have unique point of view on how to improve our working world through the use of technology, people and experiences.
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Who is a pepelwerk Learner?

Learners are those with the drive to prepare for the work of tomorrow by enrolling in courses offered within pepelwerk's Education Center. Learners match with Educators who will take their set of skills to the next level. Learners become students of the courses they enroll in.

The benefits of becoming a pepelwerk Learner include:

  • Receive courses and learning opportunity recommendations based on your unique interests.
  • Match directly with Educators who are teaching the courses you need.
  • Master your current skills or gain new skills.
  • Stay relevant and prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Match with work opportunities as you develop your skills, all in one place!

If you are a Learner, go to www.lanch.me and download our talent app to get started. Once in the app, head to our Education Center to build your Learner's profile.