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our career coaching services help job seekers to navigate the working world

Career Coaching Services

what is a career coach?

We offer two kinds of career coaching services for our users. On-Demand and Virtual 30-min sessions. On-Demand gives you support when you need it for the random questions that come up when you are trying to navigate the job market. Virtual sessions are longer and meant to help you move forward towards your working goals through thoughtful questions, action planning and goal setting. Either way, we want our Talent to have reliable trustworthy guidance to help identify and create the type of work life you want.

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Career Coaching Services

why do I need a career coach?

People use career coaching to figure how much they should get paid, discuss how to create their best Talent profile, think through what valuable skills you have to apply to the job market, discuss ways to network and connect with people, draft a resume with work experience (if you have any), practice interviewing and more. It's a big world and sometimes the choices available to us can give us analysis paralysis. Figuring out how we want to contribute to the world around us sometimes takes some exploration. Career coaching provides the structure for you to explore your career choices and lean on the guidance of an experienced professional to help you navigate the working world.

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Career Coaching Services

who are the pw career coaches?

pepelwerk career coaches have experience in the working world. They know what it's like to be in your shoes trying to navigate how to get jobs, change jobs, refine your interests and look for opportunities to apply your skills to work. The career coaches that you'll be connected to either have 10 or more years experience hiring, managing or training employees in the working world or hold a certificate in work and career coaching.

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Career Coaching Services

how much is a pw career coach?

Free Users: Virtual Session $55/30 minutes

Basic Members: Virtual Sessions $45/30 minutes

Featured Members: $35/30 minutes

On-Demand is $10/1 chat session

You can sign up for as many sessions as you'd like.

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Career Coaching Services

how does career coaching work?

After you have downloaded the app and completed your Talent profile you can choose to upgrade your account to receive discounts on career coaching services or go straight to your Coach Center. Choose On-Demand or schedule your Virtual Session.

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Career Coaching Services

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