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a modern approach to matching with students

A simple way for educators to increase enrollment and match with qualified students

Who is this for?

For Educators who want unique and effective way of connecting your courses, degree, certificate or licensed based programs to interested learners.


Create your educator profile

Our Educator Hub is a secure private environment for certified educators to match with interested learners who want to enroll in your programs because it aligns with their work-life goals.


Create or Up-Load Your Course Profiles

Learn how to create a course profile with support from our solutions expert or upload your course descriptions and let us update them for you. We want you to attract the right students at the right time. Attract learners who find value in what you teach. As our educator client, you will also get a skills-gap analysis report and other valuable information to help keep your curriculum relevant to the job market.


Integrate with ease

After you swipe right on your interested learner in the Educator Hub, give your API credentials to your existing Learning Management system, or use our registration process to get your new learner enrolled in your course


We match educators with potential students seeking learning opportunities to help make them more marketable in the working world. Simply post courses, increase student enrollment, engagement, completion rate, and help them get the job related to their newly learned skills.

A better way to get new students who want education that meets their career goals.


Learner Matching

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Course Planning


Zero Implementation


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Grant and Government ground reporting

Find out how pepelwerk can get you matched with the next generation of learners.

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