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pēpəlwərk uses intelligent automation
technology to match your job openings with
the skills and expertise you require, saving you
from having to sift through piles of resumes.

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we're committed to delivering quality candidates - identifying the right talent to help you grow your business.

why pēpəlwərk is different

pēpəlwərk is the matchmaker of the job market. We match employers to the next generation of job seekers, using automated skills-matching technology.

The software uses 16 points of criteria to assess candidate suitability. Once we've found your matches, swipe right to initiate the interviewing process or swipe left to remove a match

how pēpəlwərk finds your match

possible candidates by system search

Our system searches for possible candidates against your skills and experience criteria

possible candidates by system search

The possible
matches are

possible candidates by system search

We test the
candidates in each
required skill

possible candidates by system search

We vet and
verify each

possible candidates by system search

You only see the candidates that match your exact criteria


1-50 job posts

$ 350 /post

It's just one flat rate per post and you get unlimited matches. You're only charged once we give you your initial match. Your jobs are not visible to the candidates unless they are qualified or you invite them to be considered.

why use pēpəlwərk for
job posting?

Introducing a new way of hiring for the modem era. With pēpəlwərk, we don't give you resume dumps. We introduce you to job seekers in a streamlined way that's focused on specific skills and expertise.

pēpəlwərk is much more than just a job site.

We become a partner for our employers.

Behind the technology, pēpəlwərk has a team of highly-experienced recruiters and HR specialists who have hired talent across every industry you can think of!

pēpəlwərk benefits:

  • skills-based job matching
  • reduce your candidate search time
  • direct hire environment - cut out the middleman
  • unlimited matches per post
  • no more job boards, resume dumps or agencies
  • no pay-per-click - only pay when you receive a valid match

pēpəlwərk tools:

  • an integrated applicant tracking system
  • skills testing and assessment capabilities
  • meeting and call scheduling
  • video interviews
  • management dashboard for process visibility and reporting
  • No implementation or integration fees

what we do

take a look at our explainer video to get a preview of the platform.

we have candidates ready to be matched to your job openings

let us match you with the next generation of employees. our modern recruitment solution uses laser-focused technology to identify quality matches for your job posts, helping you to find the talent you need today.

can't compete with the budgets and resources of larger enterprises? no problem. pēpəlwərk is a leveler for businesses. You don't need to throw huge sums of money at recruitment agencies to generate a high volume of candidates - we only match you with quality talent and, remember, you only pay when we make a match!

beyond the match

once you receive matches for your job posts, that's not the end of the story. We give you the tools to assess candidate matches quickly and efficiently, schedule meetings or video interviews, and manage your hiring environment with a user-friendly dashboard.

get set up in minutes and enjoy our full range of tools. pēpəlwərk's self-service portal is so easy to use and there are no implementation or integration fees to worry about.

what are you waiting for?

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