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pēpəlwərk is Talent Marketplace matching employers of all sizes and in a variety of industries to Talent.

As a welcome gift, we are providing 5 FREE job posts, so that you can experience what pepelwerk can do for you when you register.

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pēpəlwərk is Talent Marketplace matching employers of all sizes and in a variety of industries to Talent.

We want to give you an opportunity to experience what pepelwerk can do for you, so we are offering you your first five matches free! Just create your employer acount and post your jobs.

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the pēpəlwərk platform was designed from scratch with a completely different mindset. No longer will you have to search for applicants or deal with a resume dump. We match your job posts to talent based on skills.

This expedites the process from post to hire, reduces costs, and lowers the administrative burden of your HR team and Operations Managers so they can focus on people, not systems.

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pw Employers are businesses that want to let potential candidates know that they prioritize cultural fit and proven, skill-based assessment, against the words on a resume. They are ready to cut out the inefficient time wasters of talent acquisition.
pepelwerk is designed to manage Talent from sourcing qualified candidates, all the way through the job offer or rejection. Through advanced, automated technology, we will eliminate the hours of searching through hundreds of unqualified resumes and match your posts with only the best. Do you hate the time waster that is phone tag when scheduling interviews? We take care of that problem too. It's up to you where and when you want pepelwerk to pick up the slack. You will have access to state of the art Employer Dashboards, where you'll manage job posts, candidates and reporting functionality. There is no more need for unproductive searches and filters. You will have the ability to view the most compatible candidates that match with your opportunities without breaking a sweat.
As a pw Employer, you will be tasked with completing a company profile which will include social links and resources for your potential candidates to get a feel for your work brand. This is your opportunity to tell your employer story.
An Employer is charged for a job post only when pepelwerk delivers match results. Depending on the skill sets you're looking for, this could mean having access to an abundant amount of qualified candidate possibilities. Unlike other services, pepelwerk provides an unbiased, level playing field when it comes to Employer visibility. There is no opportunity for Employers to gain more candidates or have an advantage over other Employers, simply by paying more. We offer lower rates for multiple job posts. The more jobs you post, the less you pay per post.

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