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A simple solution to get matched with
Talent you need to hire today.

How can pēpəlwərk help
streamline my HR processes?

pēpəlwərk uses skills matching to simplify
recruiting, hiring, and workforce management.

We are committing to delivering great candidates
so you can focus on growing your business.

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how we're different

we make hiring easier

Does crafting a job post feel like a creative writing exercise?

We make it easy to filter your desired candidate criteria by skills and experience. No need to spend extra time writing perfect job posts anymore.

Tired of sifting through resume dumps?

pēpəlwərk won't inundate you with a pile of resumes for each job you post. Our job matching system will quickly match you to qualified candidates with the right skills for the job.

Does hiring the right people at the right time feel complicated?

We let you match to job seekers based on schedule, location, desired experience level, and other set criteria.

Is interdepartmental collaboration frustrating?

pēpəlwərk helps align finance, human resources, and operations departments by providing a Performance at a Glance view on the Employer dashboard.

Does running your talent acquisition and recruiting process require more than one system?

pēpəlwərk consolidates HR systems to save you time and money.

  • Cloud-Based Job Posting
  • Interactive Application
  • Video Conference Interviewing
  • Real-time Skills Testing

Looking for the right Talent with the right skill?

a people system for the future of work

Job Board and Applicant Tracking System in One

+ Fill your business needs with the right skills
+ Reduce your candidate search time
+ Save time scheduling and interviewing
+ Use assessments to verify candidates
+ Easy, streamlined onboarding

Values of the Employers-Only Club

+ Direct hire environment, cutting out the middleman
+ Matching makes connecting with job candidates faster
+ Protect your Employer brand with private job posts
+ Skills-based interviewing, as needed
+ Maintain your company's culture with customized onboarding tools

Self-Service Employers' Portal

+ No implementation or integration fees
+ Average Employer user takes 30 minutes to set up an account
+ Posting a job takes less than 10 minutes
+ Unlimited number of companies/subsidiaries per admin
+ Unlimited number of Job Managers

How you can use your time and money savings

+ Offer your employees awesome benefits
+ Invest in innovative new products and services
+ Hire spies to steal the competition's R&D
+ Save for a rainy day
+ Actually have a social life

the more jobs you post the more you save

1-50 job posts

$ 350 /post

51-100 job posts

$ 325 /post

101-150 job posts

$ 300 /post

150+ job posts

$ 275 /post
  • Skills-based matching
  • Direct hire environment
  • Protect the privacy of your job posts
  • Operations, Finance, and HR under one tool
  • Charged only after receive a match
  • Unlimited matches per post
  • No more job boards
  • No resume dumps
  • No administrative burdens
  • No staffing agencies
  • No pay-per-click
  • No advertising platform
  • Easy set-up
  • Integrated ATS
  • Integrated skills testing
  • Video interviews
  • Multiple job managers
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Flat rate pricing

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