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  • Hire Now through our Work Hub for Companies looking to hire someone as soon as possible.  
  • Workforce Building Solutions through our Work Hub for Companies looking to proactively build their talent pipeline and upskill their existing or future workforce. 
  • People Web Portal also available as the pepelwerk Mobile App for job seekers, individuals looking to get their goal job or looking for the best career-planning tools and resources, including on-demand career coaching and mentorship. 
  • Connector Hub for organizations such as School Districts, High School, Post High School Educators, Private and Public Learning Institutions interested in outsourcing or expanding their career services and job opportunities for their students, graduates, and alumni. As well as for employers looking to offer outplacement services.  
  • Educator Hub for Educators offering courses and interested in connecting with new learners.  
Category: General

pepelwerk (pronounced people-work) is a suite of technology solutions that help connect communities to businesses and education to create an equitable working world.  

Category: General

pepelwerk is a global multi-cultural technology company that wants to realize an equitable working world for the next generation. Everyone who works for pepelwerk was hired through the pepelwerk suite of technology solutions. Leading by example, we show how we can actually realize the social changes that we all want to see in our working world.

Category: General

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