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Welcome to the pepelwerk Help Center

We receive all forms of payment. The cost of the program is also covered by College Savings Plan, academic, sports or personal achievement scholarships or grants that you might have received, or, payment plans and some sponsorship from our Non-Profit partners may be eligible. If you cannot afford our program, we can see if you qualify for other programs. Just reach out to us on Chat and let us know your circumstances. 

The Real World of Work Program is for anyone who is ready to start making informed and practical decisions about work and education, while strategically aligning those decisions to life goals. If this sounds like you, then register here. 

The Real World of Work program is an exclusive program powered by pepelwerk that prepares young adults, ages 16-26, to transition into the working world by helping them discover and develop their skills and passion, getting them connected to the job market through paid internships, and providing an affordable way to connect their education to real-time jobs. 

The program lasts around 6-8 weeks (2.5 hours per week), depending on individual progress. 

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