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Career Services FAQ

Finding answers to your questions

How to join the People Community?

1. Create your account in the people portal 

2. Download the pepelwerk mobile app 

3. Select a membership type and experiences that fit your needs: Free, Preferred Monthly and Preferred Annual 

4. Follow the steps to set up your goals and complete your profile, we will guide you through the rest!  

I am ready to offer pepelwerk’s career services, how to get started?

Create your Connector Hub account. Select option: “I want to offer Career Services to my community or students.” Then schedule your onboarding here. 

Not ready to start yet? schedule a discovery call with us.

What are the benefits of using pepelwerk for Connectors?

  • Access innovation in technology, behavioral sciences, advanced predictive data analytics in an adaptive cloud-based platform  
  • Access best-in-class career service and experiences for your students, employees or members   
  • Measure population outcomes and success rate through impact reporting
  • Maintain personal privacy of community in closed marketplace 
  • Make it easier for your population to prepare and get in-demand jobs and stay prepared for the future of work

What does pepelwerk offer?

  • Hire Now through our Work Hub for Companies looking to hire someone as soon as possible.  

  • Workforce Building Solutions through our Work Hub for Companies looking to proactively build their talent pipeline and upskill their existing or future workforce. 

  • People Web Portal also available as the pepelwerk Mobile App for job seekers, individuals looking to get their goal job or looking for the best career-planning tools and resources, including on-demand career coaching and mentorship. 

  • Connector Hub for organizations such as School Districts, High School, Post High School Educators, Private and Public Learning Institutions interested in outsourcing or expanding their career services and job opportunities for their students, graduates, and alumni. As well as for employers looking to offer outplacement services.  

  • Educator Hub for Educators offering courses and interested in connecting with new learners.  

What is pepelwerk

pepelwerk (pronounced people-work) is a suite of technology solutions that help connect communities to businesses and education to create an equitable working world.  

What is the difference between pepelwerk and a private recruiter, job board, headhunter, staffing agency or any job placement firm?

We are a tech company and software solution that creates the opportunity for the working world to evolve. Our objective is simple: improve the quality of our working world by making matches to get work and do work with the least amount of complications, inflated costs, and interruptions as possible. When a company uses our Hiring Hub, they can source, skill, and separate from skilled Talent and develop employees in three easy steps. Learn more about how to get the most out of the pepelwerk Work Hub, schedule a call

What pepelwerk’s Work Hub is not?

We are not a data source tool for you to take contact information out of in bulk. We are not a social media platform. We are not a resume databank or a traditional job board.

We source, screen, qualify and develop humans who are part of our talent pool that want to get work based on their attitude, attributes, and abilities as soon as possible. We create a marketplace of accountability, action and opportunity for people to evolve with work.

What should I expect from the Work Hub?

You should expect to match with real people for the jobs you want to hire. We manage the experience from sourcing to hire and grow a talent pool of people that will match with jobs and companies based on attitude, attribute and work-life fit. Our experience makes it possible for you to match, hire, and develop people and encourages a sense of urgency and accountability for both you and candidates.

The work hub is not a data source for you to pull personal or business contact information from in bulk. You can get contact information from candidates after matching.

We are not a social media or social selling platform. You can engage with people when you have qualified reason to and mutual interests.

We are not a resume databank like a job board. We will share profiles that have been verified based on abilities, attitudes and attributes. Some users may provide a resume if they have 8 years or more and are looking for match with jobs that are similar to their work history. You cannot download any profile information until you have hired someone.

We are not a staffing agency. We want to offer direct hire opportunities to people .

What’s the difference between Job Manager and a pepelwerk Client Success Specialist?

A Job Manager is a user type in your Work Hub account. A Job Manager is someone from your team who posts jobs, reviews Talent matches, schedules interviews, presents employment offers, etc. A Job Manager can manage the hiring process for your company from beginning to end.

A Client Success Specialist is a pepelwerk expert who understands the psychological needs, skills, and requirements of the work that needs to be done to create the best job profile to get your ideal Talent match. Companies Hiring can request a Client Success Specialist to help manage your Work Hub account.

What’s the Work Hub and what can I expect from using it?

The Work Hub is for companies looking to hire now, build their workforce, upskill employees, optimize their workforce or offer career/outplacement services.   

When you create your Work Hub account, you will have access to:  

  • A hiring dashboard for your reporting needs
  • Be able to add/remove users including account admins and job managers 
  • Create and activate new jobs, internships or learn on the job opportunities to match with qualified talent (no searching, just matching – we do the heavy lifting for you!) 
  • Activate, close, delete, clone your job profiles.  
  • View, accept and reject Talent Profiles for your matches. Talent Profiles have an email address, overall match percentage based on their unique skills, attributes, attitude and abilities, a list of skills, and relevant work documents such as resume, work portfolio, education verification, and more.  
  • Manage the hiring process from match to interview to offer
  • Automated appointment settings for interviews  
  • Keep track of your billing and account documents 
  • Turn on Career Services Center to upskill and optimize your workforce or offer outplacement services.  

Our marketing team will create various campaigns to attract the right talent for your jobs. Our client success team will help you optimize your jobs to get a better ROI and overall results!

Who is a Connector?

A Connector is an organization such as a School District, High School, Post High School Educator, Private and Public Learning Institution, or Membership Based organization interested in outsourcing or expanding their career services and job opportunities for their students, graduates, alumni or members.

Who is pepelwerk?

pepelwerk is a global multi-cultural technology company that wants to realize an equitable working world for the next generation. Everyone who works for pepelwerk was hired through the pepelwerk suite of technology solutions. Leading by example, we show how we can actually realize the social changes that we all want to see in our working world.

Who is someone that is part of the People Community? 

Someone who joins the people community, by creating an account on pepelwerk, is looking to use our technology and services to accomplish their work-life goals by getting direct access to jobs, education, professional mentors, coaches and more.  

People come to us who are looking for career discovery, relaunching careers or someone who has a specific set of skills and are looking to get a goal job or income, to get education to close a skills gap or broaden your connections.  

Why do Connectors use pepelwerk?

Connectors use pepelwerk:  

  • To offer the best career development technology to launch careers, upskill or reskill.  
  • To offer on-demand personalized career services including career coaching, job matching, internship matching, and learning opportunities to be ready for the future of work.  
  • To offer our career readiness and internship program: The Real World of Work 
  • Because you care about the people, students and employees in your organization.

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