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Candidate Matching AI platform

For companies that want to hire and develop their workforce to fill jobs in-demand based on work, job and team fit.

Should you use pepelwerk to develop your candidate pipeline?


If your company is hiring or reducing workforce by more than 5% annually.

Industry & Jobs

We focus on building candidate pool for skills based jobs. We can work with any industry or job type but focus on: hospitality, construction, automotive, ecommerce, health care/health science, advanced engineering, energy, environment, marketing and trades and more.

Social Impact

Companies who have a social impact commitment to equitable hiring, and economic sustainability


Hire and develop the right candidate for the job, the team and the company.

  • Create consistency in candidate selection and development.
  • Transition from resume gaming to verified AAA people profiles.
  • Develop your talent pipeline. 
  • Centralize candidate sourcing. 
  • Give access codes to third party staffing agencies. 

Workforce Planning Specialists

Leverage the only technology that supports continuos employment for employees and candidates.


  • Outcomes Dashboard
  • Skills and Interest Predictive Analytics
  • Upskilling employees
  • Upskilling candidates
  • Plan for your future hiring needs
  • Career Exploration Events

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leaders

A systematic approach to making equitable hiring a reality.

  • Blind matching
  • No resume gaming. 
  • No reverse discrimination recruitment marketing
  • Consider candidates based on job fit by their Attitude, Attributes and Abilities

Have questions about us, the platform or services?

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