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Rethinking talent acquisition in the 21st century

A people development platform to empower recruiters to change the world. Evolving our recruiting, sourcing and qualifying methods is key to creating an equitable job market, reducing unnecessary debt for education, and maintain consistent employment for communities, families and businesses to remain economically healthy.

Rethinking Talent Acquisition In The 21st century

There is an Evolution of Recruiting

As the Information Age dawned, everything about hiring moved online. The web would prove to be much more effective than help wanted ads. It completely changed how people seek jobs and how employers recruit.

21st Century Hiring
Decisions are different

The 21st century is a new horizon for hiring. So much has changed. Generational worldviews, education, societal norms, technology, hiring laws and perceived societal priorities have disrupted the clean-cut hiring practices of the past.

Understand Technology’s Role in the Future of Work

Technology should simplify and enhance how we live. Hiring an ideal candidate shouldn’t be any different. That’s the core of our platform. 

Have questions about us, the app or services?

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The Work Hub is for companies looking to hire now, build their workforce, upskill employees, optimize their workforce or offer career/outplacement services.   

When you create your Work Hub account, you will have access to:  

  • A hiring dashboard for your reporting needs
  • Be able to add/remove users including account admins and job managers 
  • Create and activate new jobs, internships or learn on the job opportunities to match with qualified talent (no searching, just matching – we do the heavy lifting for you!) 
  • Activate, close, delete, clone your job profiles.  
  • View, accept and reject Talent Profiles for your matches. Talent Profiles have an email address, overall match percentage based on their unique skills, attributes, attitude and abilities, a list of skills, and relevant work documents such as resume, work portfolio, education verification, and more.  
  • Manage the hiring process from match to interview to offer
  • Automated appointment settings for interviews  
  • Keep track of your billing and account documents 
  • Turn on Career Services Center to upskill and optimize your workforce or offer outplacement services.  

Our marketing team will create various campaigns to attract the right talent for your jobs. Our client success team will help you optimize your jobs to get a better ROI and overall results!

We are not a data source tool for you to take contact information out of in bulk. We are not a social media platform. We are not a resume databank or a traditional job board.

We source, screen, qualify and develop humans who are part of our talent pool that want to get work based on their attitude, attributes, and abilities as soon as possible. We create a marketplace of accountability, action and opportunity for people to evolve with work.

The benefits of using pepelwerk as your hiring technology partner include controlled cost, the ability to proactively build your candidate pool, a more human pre-hire experience, simplified technology stack, and measurable social impact.

A company’s hiring strategy varies based on size, industry, and roles. If you have a particular question, please contact us. In general, once you register your Company with pepelwerk, we give you all the tools you need to add us to your strategy. We can pretty much match with 90% of the jobs you need to fill. We’ll leave the 10% of senior leadership and executives roles to LinkedIn. They do a good job with that.

We are all about the results. Once you create your Company Account you will have access to the Work Hub’s dashboard where you will find all the information you need including time-to-fill, cost-to-fill, churn rate, and more. Here you can view all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with your job postings.

No need for special reports or Frankenstein excel sheets.

Update How You Hire to Improve Our Working World


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