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we are the best technology and service provider to evolve how you use HR software and how you provide the most effective, engaging employee experience.

what is your employee experience for the future of work?

simplify getting work done. simplify your HR Tech stack. match and build up your job candidate pool in-side and outside of your organization to keep work moving.

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how does pepelwerk's Hiring Hub work?

The Hiring Hub allows all companies to expand and contract their Talent pool in demand with business. We take an entirely different approach to the pre-hire experience.  Learn more about how we simplify your Talent Acquisition processes, your Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software stack and control expenses while improving our working world. Yes, we do a lot but all you have to do is post a job.

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why use pepelwerk?

At pepelwerk we use technology to solve some of the world's biggest social problems  by working with businesses like yours.  One platform that does so much just by changing how we approach our hiring process.

The Hiring Hub

Our Hiring Hub gives companies hiring an all-in-one pre-hire solution that can connect and integrate with your HRMS and other HR delivery vendors to provide a streamline digital process. The result is a more equitable approach to the job market. Hiring people for what they can do and have the ability to do. It's that simple.

Talent Work-App

The work app allows you to integrate all aspects of the Employee Experience and put it at the finger tips of the people you hire. The app simplifies employee communication, learning and development, total rewards and more. We integrate with your HRMS and other HR solution providers to help you manage, retain, and separate employees using the most advanced technology.

Workforce Planning

Is your company ready for the future of work? We provide thorough job profiling and experienced resource planning that goes beyond people planning - it looks into the job and all possible ways to get work done.

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Hire a Recruiter

Recruiting is not a sales job. When you use the Hiring Hub you have the option to match with a trained data scientist and behavioral psychologists to help you through the pre-hire process before you offer a job.

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Candidate Sourcing Simplified

We help companies finance, procurement and HR team manage their sourcing, staffing and outsourcing vendors and data sources to improve quality pf hire, control costs and improve wage distribution to the people actually doing the work.

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Cost comparison tool

use technology to compliment your people and culture strategies

< 10 jobs a year

$ 500 /mth

11-50 jobs a year

$ 1,500 /mth

51- 100 jobs a year

$ 3,500 /mth

101-300 jobs a year

$ 7,500 /mth

301-500 jobs a year

  • Best In-Class Hiring Solutions and Methods from Sourcing to Offer
  • Social Recruiting
  • Job Matching
  • Skills-Assessments and Validation
    Powered by IBM Watson
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Drivers License Validation
  • Video Interviewing
  • Document Management and Storage
  • No public job posting
  • No resume dumps
  • No administrative burdens
  • No pay-per-click
  • No nonsense
  • Hire On-Demand for shift work
  • Hire by domain
  • Hire in the US and Abroad
  • Hire general support staff
  • Hire licensed specialists
  • Hire skilled trade
  • Hire for internships, apprenticeships and learn-on-the-job positions
  • Full Hiring Hub
  • Integrations with Accounting Software
  • Integrations with HR Management and Onboarding Software
  • Integrations with productivity systems

hire, develop and match with people who have the skills you need in your industry

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