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A simple solution to get matched with
Talent you need to hire today.

How can pēpəlwərk help
my company hire?

pēpəlwərk uses skills matching to simplify
recruiting, hiring, and workforce planning.

We commit to quality candidates
versus volumes of resumes
so you can get work done.

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We are a technology company providing software and services to change our working world.

Hire Hub

Our hire hub gives companies an all-in-one software solution for hiring.  No need to try to keep up with tech-Joneses. We’ve got you covered.

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Talent Marketplace

Our private marketplace matches jobs with Talent who take ownership over their work lives.

Workforce Planning

Companies have two types of hiring. Immediate and near future. Our consultants work with you to plan for both for a flat monthly fee.

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Recruiter Matching and Training

Get access to experienced Recruiters for a flat monthly fee without having to commit to Full-Time employees. Or, have your own recruiters complete training.

Vendor Management Services

We help companies manage their contracts, services and outcomes with the staffing and outsourcing companies they use for contingent workforce solutions.

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no searching, just matching

It's free to signup and start hiring

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< 10 jobs a year

$ 500 /mth

11-50 jobs a year

$ 1,500 /mth

51- 100 jobs a year

$ 3,500 /mth

101-300 jobs a year

$ 7,500 /mth

301-500 jobs a year

  • Best In-Class Hiring Solutions and Methods from Sourcing to Offer
  • Social Recruiting
  • Job Matching
  • Skills-Assessments and Validation
    Powered by IBM Watson
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Diverse License Validation
  • Video Interviewing
  • Document Management and Storage
  • No public job posting
  • No resume dumps
  • No administrative burdens
  • No pay-per-click
  • No nonsense
  • Hire On-Demand for shift work
  • Hire by domain
  • Hire in the US and Abroad
  • Hire general support staff
  • Hire licensed specialists
  • Hire skilled trade
  • Hire for internships, apprenticeships and learn-on-the-job positions
  • Full Hiring Hub
  • Integrations with Accounting Software
  • Integrations with HR Management and Onboarding Software
  • Integrations with productivity systems

hire people with the skills you need in your industry

why pepelwerk

Pepelwerk is the HOW to the problems that we all keep talking about. If you want to change the conversation, level up your Talent Acquisition, and create a direct impact on the business.

We know hiring. Leverage the experience of a community to support smart hiring, pay decisions and other important components to making a good hire.

Be part of the change agent community with exclusive access to people solutions, federal, state and country specific hiring programs and receive invitations to events of like minded hiring companies and associations.

Our exclusion patented approach to hiring in our work market helps you hire for the Talent you need today and plan for the jobs you need tomorrow. We aren't a resume based system, we aren’t a job board, or a social selling platform and we aren’t motivated by volume.

We commit to solving talent acquisition needs for our companies for the jobs they have today and helping them prepare the talent pipeline for the work of tomorrow.

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