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the best way to hire and post a job is using the Hiring Hub the all in-one pre-hire platform from pepelwerk.

finally a modern, simple, human resource platform that helps business prepare for the future of work.


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the best tool to find the right person for the job

A cloud-based platform that replaces and simplifies out-dated technology to help your business stay compliant and ready to hire the next generation of job seeker.

< 10 jobs a year

$ 500 /mth

11-100 jobs a year

$ 1,500 /mth

101-300 jobs a year

$ 3,500 /mth

301 - 500 jobs a year

$ 7,500 /mth

>500 jobs

  • Skills-based matching
  • Direct hire environment
  • Protect the privacy of your job posts
  • Operations, Finance, and HR integrations
  • From Sourcing to Hire
  • Build workforce pipeline
  • Not a job board
  • No resume dumps
  • No administrative burdens
  • No games
  • No pay-per-click
  • No social selling
  • Free access to hub
  • Full suite of hiring solutions
  • Hire based on skills, abilities and attributes
  • Video interviews
  • Multiple entities, job managers and service partners
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Monthly flat pricing

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