because technology should be used to improve the human experience

Companies can't just implement HR technology anymore. They need technology that evolves with the future of work and to partner with companies with a shared mission to achieve economic equity.

industries making a social impact

companies in these industries are looking to build their talent pipeline and create a diverse and skilled workforce. They are letting go of outdated recruiting processes and technology to achieve a more equitable working world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Offering a job is one of the most meaningful things that a company can do so why not approach it with intention.

Closing the Work
Education Divide

Hire the right person for the job and the company culture based on their attitude and attributes and give them away to solve for skills they need to learn.

Hiring Technology
for Good

Companies leveraging the hire hub do more than just adopt agile technology to evolve with the future of work with a company that uses to do good.

Equitable Working

Don't let your outdated hiring tools, processes, bias, judgment, and perceptions influence candidate selection. Match with people based on job fit to give everyone a chance to achieve their work-life goals.

Making economic equity more than a social concept

measuring social impact

We are not about making empty statements about diversity, equity inclusion. We are all about working with companies to change the conversation, the norm, and best practices around how we approach offering a job, workforce planning, and the pre-hire experience.

simple sourcing, recruiting, and screening software that creates social impact

it's our mission and our technology

balance people and technology

By helping companies design, deliver and manage their pre-hire experience we help them move away from a fully-automated resume based discriminatory process to an engaging, inclusive experience.

improve earning potential

We want companies to be able to offer the most competitive wage. Knowing how much to pay for a job or a task is only one part. The other part is reducing the cost of hire and expenses that don't directly contribute to earned wages.,

close the skills gap

Closing the skills gap to hire. reskill, upskill or skill an individual is possible. pepelwerk is passionate about making education accessible and directly related to the job market.

remove bias and discrimination from job market

The hiring hub allows for companies really interested in finding the right candidate to hire to do so without generational, personal or company bias.

reduce cost per hire and make it easier to implement new innovative technology

Cost per hire can get high and siloed talent aquisition and recruiting is not effective. Neither is trying to keep up with technology. pepelwerk saves money on technology and makes it easier to use new innovations.

change an operating expense into an investment in social impact

When it comes to choosing the best HR software to create the ideal pre-hire experience you have two options: pay for what you use or invest in the future.. Connect with us to learn more.

since we launched in 2018

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job descriptions changed to inclusive job profiles

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people who matched with jobs based on their skills, abilities and attributes

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companies hiring a more diverse workforce in thought, socio-demographics and experience

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increase in hire stickiness and job fit to make productive contributions to company goals

Sourcing the best candidates starts with changing your talent acquisition process

more leaders in talent acquisition and diversity, equity and inclusion choose pepelwerk

pepelwerk is the social impact enterprise that does more than provide simple to use, results oriented pre-hire experience for talent acquisition teams. It connects your company's DEI goals to the communities, candidates and customers you serve.

diversity of thought