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How to Advertise a Job Using Modern Job Matching

Welcome to the modern way of hiring quality talent for your business: skills-matching.
What’s the big deal? Well, finding suitable candidates for your job openings isn’t about resume dumps or operating a scattershot approach to recruitment and then hoping something sticks. You need a modern solution for your recruiting needs. Learn how to advertise a job opening using a laser-focused recruitment tool, which only matches you with relevant candidates.

How to Advertise a Job Opening - 4 Simple Steps

Writing a job description shouldn’t be a technical essay or a romance novel. In fact, the corporate world has gotten so lost in the routine that some businesses buy job descriptions in bulk and then blindly paste onto job boards or their own company career pages. As a result, either all jobs are the same, or people opt to go with the autopilot approach to posting jobs.
We know that most people will choose a smarter approach if given the option, which is why we created pepelwerk. Our employers create job profiles, not just job descriptions. We’re designed to match people to work and we do that by keeping the process of creating a job simple and direct for employers.
Here are 4 expert tips for learning how to advertise a job opening effectively online.

1. Job Description vs. Job Profile

Every team is different, and every company has different values and work expectations. After 25 years of hiring and managing people for employers, we know that every company has unique job requirements and that the buy-in-bulk method is just robotic. The job description tells the goal, but it’s just a small part of the job profile.
With pepelwerk, we take you through a series of questions to help you build your custom job profile. We understand that an effective job profile should feel more human and less “canned”. Our goal is to let you showcase your company’s brand and culture while outlining the personal attributes required to fit your company and the role you’re looking to fill.

2. Build Your Job Profile

60% of a job has nothing to do with technical skill or experience. It has to do with the ability of people to work together, communicate well, and have an aptitude for success in reaching work goals. And, of course, cultural alignment.
We want you to think through the personality, the attributes of a person’s character and other key information that really matters when considering candidates for your business. It’s only after you’ve solidified these things that we ask you for the job description.
The job description is the “what” and the “how”, with the “what” being the work goal and the “how” being the tools you give someone to reach the goal. Tools can be the systems, training and work environment, or the brand and culture you create for your company.

3. Show Your Company Brand and Culture

Your work brand is the attitude, voice, and look and feel of your company. It demonstrates how you want to be reflected in the marketplace by the people you hire. Culture is the morals, values, expectations, and code of conduct, which determines how people interact, behave, and treat each other within your organization. Show your company brand and culture by including information on your real employees, the office environment, and the work-life balance you promote.
Part of being a pepelwerk Employer is getting help with telling that story. We want employers to speak for themselves and represent their company to potential matches, so job seekers know what work environment to expect and why they should be interested in working for you.

Post the Job

4. Post the Job

The problem with most online recruitment platforms is that they’re formulaic and open to manipulation, i.e. once you post your job, applicants can adapt and embellish their resumes to fit the role’s requirements.
pepelwerk is different. We keep your job private and work on finding your match, and only suitable matches appear for you to consider. This means candidates can’t copy/paste their way to getting into your applicant pool. They can’t stretch the truth or try to outsmart what every other job board says is their “advanced” artificial intelligence.
Remember, our job is to get employers the job seekers they need to keep their business moving. Because that’s our goal, we don’t play the same game everyone else is. We offer a system that is better, faster and lands candidates in your inbox with more quality.

What’s the Concept Behind pepelwerk?

pepelwerk is all about matching the right skills to the right jobs. Our platform empowers people and Employers to connect with the best fit for their needs through our innovative skills-matching technology.
Our team has a wealth of experience hiring across a vast array of industries around the world. We know what works and what doesn’t. And, we understand the frustrations employers feel from using outdated and inefficient hiring methods and recruiting channels.
We wanted to create a better way of hiring – one for modern businesses and the job seekers of the future. We’re dedicated to improving our working world. No agencies. No middlemen. Just an automation-powered recruitment platform that only matches employers with high-quality candidates based on their skills and expertise.
Here’s our CEO & Co-Founder, Kim Kelley, discussing what we do for businesses:

How Does it Work?

Although pepelwerk uses intelligent automation technology to help employers find the right matches for their job openings, the platform is built from our vast experience in recruitment and HR. Our team has hired employees for just about every industry you can think of.
This helped us to create this all-in-one recruitment and HR solution to meet the needs of today’s employers and build a pool of job seekers waiting to be matched to their ideal role. Our hassle-free platform leverages laser-focused automation software, which uses 16 points of criteria to identify suitable candidate matches for employers.
When we find you matches, swipe right for job candidates that fit the bill. It’s that simple. Then review, manage and move candidates to interview, all within your pepelwerk portal.
And it’s not all automated. Our dedicated team of recruiters is on hand to support you and ensure that you find the right candidate for your job openings. Plus, you get an integrated ATS (applicant tracking system) and user-friendly dashboard.

How to Advertise a Job Opening on the pepelwerk Platform

Posting a job opening on pepelwerk is super-simple. Firstly you’ll need to register as an Employer user and create an account, for which we’ll require a few details about you and your company, including an EIN (Employer Identification Number), to verify your account.
Once your account has been verified, you can complete your Employer portal set-up and post your first job. It all takes less than 30 minutes and the self-service portal seamlessly guides you through the process, while our handy tutorials show you how to advertise a job opening and use all of the platform’s features.
You pay one flat fee per post and get unlimited candidate matches. And you only pay when we find you a valid match. The great thing is, the more jobs you post the less you pay. Which is great for growing businesses or for those who regularly require new employees or contractors.

Summary: pepelwerk is the Matchmaker of the Working World

Is it time to embrace a modern recruitment solution for the digital age? There’s a lot of noise online and a lot of competition. But there are plenty of candidates out there with the right skills to suit your job openings. Because our intelligent skills-matching tool cuts through the noise, we can identify the right candidates to help your business grow. And you can give the platform a whirl risk-free, as we’re offering new users free job posts to get started.
So, create an Employer account today to join the matchmakers of the working world for yourself. Or you could go back to the old, costly and inefficient ways of hiring. It’s up to you…

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