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Digital Employee Experience

If you were on the fence about updating your employee experience before 2020, you may be re-thinking your wait-and-see approach. Companies that have leaders who are willing to take calculated risks, who understand change management and who see the need to improve their employee experience are hiring, retaining and improving how people do work for their company at all stages.  

Make HR an Experience not a Transaction

Human Resource (HR) Transformation starts with defining what HR is to your company. Is it a series of third-party vendors? Is it a role that focuses on the psychology of the org? What you think HR is will define where you think HR can go.   
Most people misunderstand just exactly what HR Transformation is. 

HR Transformation at pepelwerk means the updating of how you hire, manage/train and separate from employees using technology, process and organizational design for the Future of Work.

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What kind of companies benefit from a digital employee experience? 

All companies. It’s really a matter of choosing the right tool for the size of your company and how you get work done. With all-in-one technology solutions like pepelwerk, companies no longer have to band-aid together technology or come up with innovation on their own.  

Gone are the days of do-it-yourself HR technology. Enterprise and Small Business a-like realize that it's easier to move away from legacy software platforms than ever before. It's critical to choose software that can evolve with business and that has a cost to the organization based on utilization. No one wants hefty implementation fees and long implementation cycles that rob the business of revenue-producing activities.  

Why create a digital employee experience? 

The real question is why not? Especially when you don’t have to recreate the wheel. At pepelwerk, we've done a lot to enhance the employee experience by putting the Talent first.  Systems and going digital should not distract HR and business leaders from the focus of their business and their people. Only you can create the culture and take care of people in a way that systems and software cannot.   

The employee experience is defined as the journey an employee takes to complete every transaction and interaction they have with the company.  Simply put, it's giving the people that do work for you access to what they need when they need it.

The important thing to remember that often gets overlooked is, the best employee experiences are a combination of digital and human interactions.  Especially when working with the next generation of Talent entering the workforce.  

The Stages Of The Employee (Talent) Experience 

Between 1970 and up until about 2010 the employee journey was limited to-well, being an employee. Human resources was administrative, a transaction and was looked at by employees as something similar to going to the principal office. So, first-generation HRMS, HRIS software and even early generations SASS platforms were built with the same thinking in mind. 
The company only thought about you once you were on their payroll. Even then you were dwindled down to a payroll process or enrolling in health insurance.  

The old school employee journey: hire-pay-fire 

In 2010 companies realized that employees are people and more importantly that people have more choices in how, who and what they do to earn a living.  The battle for Talent is no longer just about top pay or competitive employee benefits, it's about demonstrating to people that you are a company WORTH working for.  

The new employee experience: 

Pre-Hire > Hire > Onboard > Develop-Sustain > Separate 

We’re All About The Pre-Hire Experience  

One of the reasons why pepelwerk is the best software and service partner for companies planning for the Future of Work, is our emphasis on the pre-hire experience. We are always preparing our users and your current employees for the job market. Pepelwerk can source, skill and manage separations in way that just wasn’t possible in the past.  

This means that we source and prepare the top candidates for the jobs you have when you need them. 

Our unique and proprietary eco-system connects formal educators with course, certificate and degree programs to help prepare your employees for the next iteration of work that you need to be done 
When business conditions change and the business needs to right-size for the demands of the market, you can separate from employees knowing that they will be prepared to land on their feet and continue to earn a living. You will also preserve your social credibility/currency. 
Learn more about our Hiring Hub and you can build and hire the Talent you need to get work done.  
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Don’t Over Complicate Going Digital

The average company has 91 software systems that they have collected over the past 40 years of HR process improvement and SaaS platform innovation. As you move into a new decade, it's time to simplify. Doing so in a way that is easy, with a software partner that can move ahead of trends and allows you to stay focused on your business and the people doing work for you.  

How to create a successful HR Transformation plan and a good employee experience?

No matter the size of your company and the level of expertise or experience you have with HR technology, HRIS systems or any of the like, take this key advice from those who have gone before you: 

  1. Connect your HR Transformation plan to your business strategy. 
  2. Buy from a software as a Partner Company not software as a solution Vendor in the HR space. 
  3. Don’t recreate the wheel. Innovation is out there and it's easy to implement. You just have to be open to it.  

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