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E-Commerce Experience? These Top Skills Need to be on Your pepelwerk Profile ASAP 

It’s no secret that online retail is the way of the future (and present). With all of the e-commerce sites and retailers moving the majority of their business online, e-commerce jobs are becoming more and more in demand. If you have experience in e-commerce or are looking for ways to break in, we’ve rounded up a list of necessary skills.  
If you have any of the skills listed below, make sure to add them to your pepelwerk Profile to begin matching with jobs hiring in e-commerce / online retail.  

Skill #1: Content Writing 

Are you a skilled writer? Do you have creative wordplay that triggers instant clicks to ‘Read More’? Your skills are in high demand. Content is king, and in order for businesses to turn over consistent, high volume content, they need strong writers.  
Skills for your pw Profile: Copywriting; Creative writing; Content marketing; Content writing 

Skill #2: Email Marketing

“Did You Leave Something Behind? Come Back + Take 20% OFF”. Of course, you’d think of that, and you’d convert too. Email marketing is fun for you, and you know the formula to what makes people click and buy. If you’re a master at email marketing, e-commerce employers are looking for you and eager to match on pepelwerk.  
Skills for your pw Profile: Email marketing; Copywriting; Creative writing; Sales writing; Content writing; List building; Social media; Data analysis; Software integration; Mailchimp 

Skill #3: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

You know what content is necessary to populate your pages with. You’re not a keyword abuser, but rather a copy ninja who knows how to make your webpages searchable and boost their SEO ranking across search engines like Google and Bing. There’s a demand for architects like you on the internet, so make sure your skills are known. 
Skills for your pw Profile: SEO; Data analysis; Keywords; Content writing; Content design 

Skill #4: Data Analysis 

How does one determine if their content and marketing efforts are working? Answer: By tracking and analyzing results, also known as data analytics. If you can put together a story and understand the next best course of action based on what data is telling you, your analytical skills can bring a huge return on investment for businesses. Having a strong grasp on different software and analytical tools is a major added bonus to help forecast marketing efforts.  
Skills for your pw Profile: Data analysis; Analytics; Marketing; Google Analytics; Microsoft Excel; Campaign management; Data forecasting