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The Cost of Finding Talent: Selecting Your Talent Acquisition Platform

Recruiting used to be about making one-to-one human connections. In the past, you needed someone to make an introduction to get your foot in the door. However, with the Internet and software development, we have new social norms for getting connected. For example, we get in cars with people we don’t know, go to social gatherings without a personal invitation, and meet our true love by swiping right! None of those introductions requires a human connector anymore. The same is true with getting connected to work. For Employers, it is crucial to find the right Talent acquisition platform. In this blog, we compare the costs of acquiring Talent through LinkedIn, Indeed and pepelwerk.

Comparing Talent Acquisition Platforms

Each recruitment channel and Talent acquisition platform has its own set of benefits, costs and specialisms. And many claim to be able to solve your recruitment challenges and meet your hiring needs. The truth is, some are more effective than others, and using a combination of the best hiring platforms can be the most cost-effective approach for Employers. We outline the key benefits, costs and differences between three modern Talent acquisition platforms and how they meet different needs and purposes.


Talent acquisition platform benefits

  • LinkedIn is a social networking channel and jobs advertising platform for Employers
  • It connects businesses with established professionals with over 5 years of working experience in a specific leadership role or industry  
  • Employers use LinkedIn to find people to fill job openings, largely operational management, executive and subject matter experts 

Cost of Talent acquisition on LinkedIn

  • Implementation: $0 
  • People metric: N/A - LinkedIn has candidate numbers by post and charges an Annual Fee Based on the type of Corporate Account = $$$ 
  • SEO advertising: Employers get charged per click, per job post = $$$ 
  • Admin users or Recruiters: $6k/per recruiter seat and the price depends on the corporate account 
  • Job matching capabilities: None – LinkedIn doesn't provide job matching, it provides recommendations for job applicants based on your job post  


Talent acquisition platform benefits

  • Indeed is an advertising platform for recruiters
  • It delivers a large volume of resumes from an infinite array of job seekers  
  • Employers use Indeed (because of habit) to get a volume of exposure for a job opening  

Cost of Talent acquisition on Indeed

  • Implementation: $0 
  • People metric: N/A - Indeed has candidate numbers by post 
  • SEO advertising: Employers get charged per click, per job post = $$$ 
  • Admin users or recruiters: The price varies based on the volume of jobs that you post to the platform
  • Job matching capabilities: None - Indeed doesn't provide matches, it provides a resume dump


Talent acquisition platform benefits

  • Pepelwerk is a  skills-based job matching platform which includes a Talent management system  
  • It is the best platform for matching Employers with Talent to fill jobs that require a specific set of skills, entry-level or expert  
  • Employers use pepelwerk to find Talent for skills-based – operational (marketing, sales, production, finance, delivery, human resources), trade or technical jobs  

Cost of Talent acquisition on pepelwerk

  • Implementation: $0 
  • People metric: $0 
  • SEO advertising: NA 
  • Admin users or Recruiters: $0 
  • Job matching capabilities: You pay $150 per job when you get your first match, with unlimited matches until you fill the position

Using each Talent acquisition platform effectively

There is an art to using these tools in the right combination and recruiters using these core hiring tools together gain the best results. Employers use LinkedIn to attract and hire their managers and they use pepelwerk to get their skills-based Talent matches. The wise ones use Indeed sparingly because they don’t want volume, they want quality. Using different Talent acquisition platforms in combination, depending on your needs, can be the best approach to attracting and hiring the right candidates for your business. Just ensure that your approach is cost-effective.

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