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Remote Employment: The Boss of Product Management on Working Remotely

In this blog and video, we interview Amanda Imperial, the Boss of Product and Project Management. Amanada talks about what her work means to her and how pepelwerk will change the way we connect to work. She discusses her previous work history, remote employment opportunities and what excites her about the pepelwerk platform. Amanda provides advice she has for the next generation coming into the workforce.
Watch the video or read the blog transcription below:

Transcript from the video interview with Amanda Imperial:

From HR to Project Management

I am Amanda Imperial, the Boss of Product and Project Management at pepelwerk.
Up until recently, my career focused purely on Human Resources. And my favourite part was HR systems. Now, as the Boss of Product and Project Management at pepelwerk, I get the opportunity to weigh in on remodeling how people get connected with work. This allows me to help how employers manage their workforce and leverage the technology that is available to them.
There are enhancements that can be made to adjust to the impacts social media has on work life. This includes keeping up with evolving technology and bringing our multi-generational workforce together in one place harmoniously. And that place is pepelwerk.

Working Remotely

I love the people that I work with and I am fortunate to work with a group of highly-motivated individuals from all over the world. We have the same goal in mind, which is to change how the workforce can find opportunities.
Pepelwerk allows jobseekers to decide where and when their work is done, helping people achieve the best work-life they can. I also like working in my PJs at home. Remote employment opportunities are increasingly popular and more are available to job seekers.
The advice that I give to the new generation starting their work lives is: do not just settle. If you ever find yourself in a position of unhappiness, or you feel unfulfilled with what you do for work, change it. Life is too short, so don't waste it. Get on the pepelwerk app and find your next career opportunity with ease.

Remote employment opportunities

Is remote employment an attractive proposition for you? It makes a huge difference to your workplace enjoyment, work-life balance and it opens up the scope of jobs that you can do. Location need not be barrier to work. We are great advocates of working remotely and with the pepelwerk job matching app, you can explore remote employment opportunities.
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