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Best Business Practices: Let HR Cover Your Blind Side

If you’ve seen the hit movie The Blind Side, featuring Quinton Aaron and Sandra Bullock, you’re probably familiar with the story of Michael Oher and the principles around peripheral vision. The film's title is taken from the quarterback's "dead zone", which the left tackle must be aware of and protect. Drawing attention to and addressing the blind spots in our companies is one of the best business practices. Above all, it protects the company and invites the best practices into the organization. Learn more in our blog.

Changing the way we work

Everything from human resources to workplace culture highlights how much human capital management has changed over the past 10 years. Globalization, economic regulation and the rise of the Internet are to thank (or blame, depending on who you are). These changes impacted the way we work, build companies, and move the economy. Whether you are in a leadership position of a large company or a small business owner, you'll want to consider your blind side when it comes to your hiring, engagement, and retention.

Hiring throughout history

Business leaders such as Levi Strauss, JP Morgan, and Cornelius Vanderbilt looked to their personal assistants to keep an eye on the business and did not rely solely on the opinions of their operations managers. By the 1900s, the labor force realized they wanted more out of the employer-employee relationship. The formal HR role began to take shape. Since then, companies have trended toward organized people management from within the organization. Executives and business leaders now realize the value and importance of having an HR department to handle the organization’s blind side.

HR protects companies

Selecting the right HR person to watch your blind side will help protect you and your company from risk, drive business results, and move the vision forward. However, this requires you to value HR for more than administrative tasks and look to them for guidance and support. Proper HR support can provide:
  • processes surrounding payroll
  • benefits
  • staffing
  • labor compliance
  • human resources management
Many companies require time to reach a certain revenue size and tenure to need full-time HR support. In the meantime, it is valuable to utilize part-time or outsourced support. It’s important to find a resource who understands leadership, the business objectives, and can look at things from a 50,000-foot view.

How pepelwerk helps employers with the best business practices

We hope our look at the best business practices, from an HR perspective, have been useful. Pepelwerk is a company created to watch your six, your blind spot, your periphery and be blind-side-support for companies of all sizes. We have created processes and tools to help guard businesses against the unforeseen and unintended risks of being an employer. This allows you to relieve unnecessary administrative tasks from recruiting and operations teams. It will help attract talent to drive your business objectives forward. Cover your blind side so you can focus on the vision ahead. 
Learn more about pepelwerk and how our all-in-one recruitment and HR platform helps employers from hire to retire.

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