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Let’s Go Dutch: Fixing the Employer and Employee Relationship

Since the beginning of time, there has been a social paradigm of “the people” against “the man”. Kings and their citizens, the tycoon executive, and the factory workers, parents against their children. I’m not a historian, but I like how Wikipedia outlines our working history since the 1600s. We look at how the employer and employee relationship has broken down over time and how we can fix it.

Sticking it to the man

I never understood the concept of “the man” until I spent the last 25 years being the middle person between the Talent and the Employer in human resources, my kids and social structure, and now becoming “the man” (technically the women). I understand that the mistakes of some of our corporate leaders have cost our working environment. They have completely broken down the trust relationship between employers and employees. The drive of greed created horrific working conditions, harassment, defunct and stolen pensions, and straight-up wage theft.
You can visit CNBC to see some of the greatest moments in corporate screw-ups. The worst offenders were selfish leaders who took advantage of their power and authority. Some even brought their entire companies down with their scandals, corruption, and greed.  It's worth a look if you have a moment. 

Bad apples in the Talent pool

Talent, you have equal responsibility in this mess. I have had to personally deal with the scandals, greed, theft, and crime from employees. Intellectual property theft, health insurance abuse, charging things to the company (like your dog’s bathing service) and frauds of all kinds. Using sex and sexuality in the workplace as a bargaining chip goes both ways. The risk for employers is everywhere.  
The bad apples just trying to “get theirs” isn’t reserved for “the man”. There are employees that simply have a conflict of ideas in the way economic systems should work and what they are entitled to. It’s not an employer’s job to keep you relevant. That's your job. Employers keep their business relevant and as an employee, you are a beneficiary of those efforts through your wages. It depends on the leadership team, their skills and their moral compass to make that a long or short-term play.  
Every business must make a profit margin to stay in business. There are tons of well-intentioned people and business leaders running companies that are honest, fair, and inspiring. And there are plenty of employees that want to do work that feels successful in a safe environment that works for them. So, what can we do to create some balance and boundaries in this tainted relationship? We propose "going Dutch".

Let's go Dutch

We can share the responsibility of the working world and start to fix the employer and employee relationship. We want employers and job seekers to connect in a way that aligns expectations so that neither side ends up frustrated or disappointed. Recruiters want to match with relevant job candidates who have the specific skills that they are after. On the Talent side, job seekers need a profile-based platform where they can promote their work brand and outline their key skills, interests and preferences.
Pepelwerk can make that happen. We throw out the resume-based job search and focus on matching Talent to work, through intelligent skills-matching technology.

Pepelwerk: Strengthening the employer and employee relationship

With pepelwerk, we use skills-based job matching to bring Talent and Employers closer together. Talent, you can start by creating your Talent profile and building your work story on your terms. Employer, you can create your account and getting connected on-demand with Talent to fill your job posts. Plus, you can use our applicant tracking system to bring them all the way to getting hired.
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