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Shifting out of the 9-to-5

Work is at your fingertips! In the digital age, we have more direct access to people, information and tools on our devices. Many people are challenging the status quo and seeing the benefits to flexible working hours, shift work, and part-time work. Companies who say “so long” to 9-5 cookie cutter hours say hello to employees who are more content and satisfied with their jobs. Not everyone is a morning person--or a night owl. Companies are making the cultural shift from fixed working hours to flexible working hours, including shift work, and seeing success in strengthening their employees to give their best when they’re their best.  
Not only do employees desire flexible working hours, they are also making a shift in how they connect with their work. They’re challenging the cookie cutter cubicles of corporate and replacing them with home offices, public libraries and coffee shops. Sure, businesses will still need the occasional in-person meeting, but if employees are given the freedom and flexibility to work in the conditions that work best for them, great things can happen. So let’s shift our expectations from the where and the when to what we want our businesses to achieve. If we have the right people working on the right things, it doesn’t matter where they are as long as the end result is meaningful contributions. 
On the pepelwerk platform, we address the idea of flexible scheduling right inside the program. You can choose your own work times and days of the week. A part-time, or flex-time job is at your fingertips, just download the app and set up your profile!