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How to Overcome the Job Application Process

Let’s face it, the tasks laid out for job seekers are challenging, especially for those straight out of high school. A simple online search brings up hundreds of results. After an hour of scanning what feels like an endless list, you try to narrow down your choices to apply. You review your resume. On paper, it doesn’t look like you have much to offer. It’s just your standard, out-of-the-box resume template your career counselor helped you with. How do you stand out and get through the application process to be considered for a job?

Overcoming the Job Application Process

Every application asks job seekers the same information in a different way. You provide personal references from former teachers and family friends, but you don’t have any real business contacts to share because the only job experience to mention is dog-sitting the neighbors' Husky. However, you’re an outgoing person and others see leadership potential in you. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and often catch yourself dreaming about owning your own retail business. With no years of experience, you choose a few junior roles as a sales associate to apply for.

Is the Deck Stacked Against Job Seekers?

Does the job application process have to feel so exhausting and almost designed against new job seekers? With limited to no work experience, why not learn about applicants' skills or interests? Job seekers looking to land their first full-time position face vicious cycles of computer scanning to target application keywords, rather than identifying the key skills for what would make them qualified for the role. It's frustrating for job seekers, as the system is not transparent and leaves them hanging in radio silence. Job seekers want to to know where they stand in the job application process.

pepelwerk Job Matching is a Better Way

It is clear that the system is broken, and job seekers deserve better. What if there were a system that let you design your own personalized profile, no matter your experience level? What if that same system matched you to work that fit your criteria, rather than asked you to sift through hundreds of job posts? Sound interesting?
Pepelwerk is the matchmaker of the working world. We match Employers to Talent in an intelligent, user-friendly and streamlined way. Download the pepelwerk app to try it for yourself, and get connected to work!