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What is the Solution to the Flawed Online Job Application Process?

Black holes and online job application platforms have a lot in common. You can’t see them and only special technology can make sense of them. You leave your resume in the hands of HR, but doubt whether it was time well spent. Perhaps a human being saw it, but more than likely it got snagged in data algorithms and, poof! Your resume is sucked into cyberspace. We look at the solution to the outdated online job application process.

Online job application process frustration

The frustrations during the online job application process are many. Why do you have to type in all your job experience and upload a resume and cover letter? What difference does it make what my previous salaries were? Why don’t they just offer a fair compensation package? There must be an easier way to apply for a job online, right?
You think, "is anyone going to even read this cover letter or is it a formality?" Finally, you complete it, with a screen confirming you’ve finished. This leaves you staring at the screen wondering if your application is being reviewed by robots and if you put in the right keywords for the search algorithms to make you stand out from the other applicants. When you reach your destination, the “Submit Your Application” button, you become self-conscious and start double-checking everything you just spent 35 minutes entering.

Is anybody paying attention to online job applications?

Nobody likes to feel they’re being ignored in the job application process. You’ve invested time and energy as you learn to navigate each (different) online job application system just to never hear back from the company. That is that tough on job applicants. In addition, the silent treatment HR departments give job applicants is turning to bite them. The job market has gotten hotter and job seekers have more power. Since the unemployment rate has hit historic lows, job applicants are now ghosting on companies, and it’s driving them crazy.
The online job application process as we know it isn’t transparent when it comes to knowing where you are in the process. Even if you have the skills the job description called for, will someone reach out to share that you’ve made “the list”? You would have a better chance if you knew the hiring manager and could speak directly with them and skip the online job application altogether. But most don’t have that access to employers or hiring managers.

How is pepelwerk changing the game?

At pepelwerk, we offer a transparent online job application process, so you always know where you stand. You won’t have to upload your resume since the platform is 100% skills-based. Just add your skills, no matter what they are. One profile to rule them all - not multiple versions, based on the job you’re applying for. And, you can even upload a short video to introduce yourself to the HR rep on the other end of the platform!
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