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pepelwerk Podcast, Ep 11 - Election Season!

Hello, everyone. Welcome to our Pepelwerk Podcast. I am Kim Kelley the CEO and Co-Founder. In the US it is election season. You are supposed to go out and vote for the things that matter to you, for the people that you believe will represent the way that you want this country to act, what our social behaviors and social norms should be, and the laws that we should adhere to. You might be thinking what in the world does this have to do with Pepelwerk? I can tell you that almost 60% of the elected person's jobs decisions will impact your work life. That's really the only thing that I want you to be aware of as a result of listening to the podcast.
If you are looking at what goes into making decisions about your working world I'm gonna let you know. As employers, I hope you can provide sound feedback, your opinion on the things that you've had to encounter, comply with, and talent. This may be an eye opener to you to understand all that goes into making your working world a possibility. And that doesn't matter if you are deciding to be a contractor or an employee. There will be another podcast around those two different identifiers in your working world and what that means to you.
But from a political perspective, the person that you vote for to represent your desired actions, representations, social norms, like I said when we get in here. They are going to impact your working world from your taxes that you pay, the amount of compliance that an employer has to go through to keep you employed, the ways that you get to benefit from your time off and your leave, the way that you actually do receive health care, and the way that you are actually responsible to your employer. I mean that through intellectual property. Those are the five ways that most people don't realize that the political nature and who you vote for will change and impact those elements of your working world.
Let's talk a minute just really quick about taxes. We all know what taxes are. I think nobody really minds paying taxes when they are paid, and this could be just my opinion, but when they're paid for civic services and things like that. But when we lean into different purposes for our taxes and where our hard earned money goes to you may want to read up on all of what the tax policies and perspectives of the person that you want to vote for has in mind for you and your hard earned money.
The second one is about the benefits, and the time off that you have within your work. Now when you're an employee an employer has to comply with certain Family Medical Leave Acts, with whether or not there's paid time off, or overtime. The compliant efforts and the penalties that come with noncompliance can get pretty significant. But I want to challenge you to think of it in a different way. I think we're all responsible enough, or we should be, responsible enough to manage our work life to know that an environment is not conducive to my lifestyle, my habits, or even a safe place to work to simply walk away. I know that everybody can't do that because we've gone into this very robotic sense of I'm so afraid to look for a job.
But with Pepelwerk and you have your talent profile on and employers when you're ready to let somebody go there should be very little risk that somebody cannot continue to earn a living by making the right decisions for themselves in the working world should an employer not be able to provide you the safety, security, and even the common sense stuff that you'd like to see as part of your working world.
But the government plays a significant role in those compliance activities and the fees that come along with that. Fees, remember, we will talk about more, everything comes from a budget, so whether or not we have to pay, as employers, the government for additional fees because I didn't follow something written correctly, or whether I ... And then I get fined $100,000. That comes out of my raises. That comes out of my wages for another person. I just want you to understand what your candidate what they are considering for your working world in the terms of leave, and of course then we can transition into benefits.
When the government made health care required, again, where do you think that money came from? Believe me, I think that insurance for risk is a necessity of life, but I'm not sure if how we executed health care as a requirement for employers was the right decision for us to do. I'm not gonna get into my political opinion of it. I'm just saying there's things that you should think about. If you are concerned about what the government is doing for health care and Medicare and all of those different ways that you think about getting your health care needs taken care of, read up, learn more.
And then the last part of it is really just a combination of everything. When you look at the function of government in an employer's world there are an immense amount of things to administratively take the responsibility for. Almost 70% of them are from rules that the government has asked us to comply with. If you're wondering why is it that I can't have X Y and Z in my environment, I would almost guarantee that one of those policies came from risk avoidance or compliance with the government. Again, some things are great and some things really should just be common sense by now.
But there are things to think about when you look at the political person, or the candidate, or the laws that you're being asked to vote on before you cast your vote. Be informed. I want you to vote. I think that that's our responsibility as US citizens. That is something that as a privilege, and no matter what your perspective is exercise your right. It's a beautiful thing to have. And as always remember, we give you the tools, it's up to you how you use them.