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Pepelwerk Podcast Ep 12 Swipe Society

Hello everyone and welcome to the pepelwerk podcast. My name is Kim Kelley, the co-founder of pepelwerk and we are talking about the swipe left swipe right society that we now live in. And particularly talking about what Tinder brought to the dating world that our other great dating services that really try to get a hold on how humans need to connect for romantic purposes like eharmony and even Matchmakers back in the day. Tinder just brought into the whole experience honesty in a simplified response and experience.
So our challenge now, is how do we get that experience, that real, honest experience into the job search world? I think we've done that. But really what I want to talk about today is not necessarily about pepelwerk and why we have the experience that we do, 'cause you just go in, log in and find out and you're gonna know why, but more importantly I have to challenge the status quo because obviously, that's what we do at pepelwerk. We're all about trying to get people to understand the value of what we're doing compared to the traditional way of the job search, the job post, the job resume, the job interview, the job interview one two three four five, the job interview again five six seven, the candidates waiting like they applied in cyberspace, nobody gets the respect or response that they deserve.
I mean, the process itself and what we do and what we bring to the table is light years ahead of where we should be right now in the job market. But what I'm trying to do for our employer listeners is have you understand the risk factor that has shown itself in using the traditional process. Last year alone, there were 85,000 EEOC claims of discrimination. A significant proportion of that was a claim related to something that you can identify in the hiring practices of the employer. We have had uber, Amazon, Walmart, all of the big behemoths, in the news this year for their hiring practices. Google talking about what they've done to avoid lawsuits related to discrimination.
I'm not saying this to say everyone is going through a bad experience and everyone is facing discrimination and it's a result that you can specifically associate with the current job and hiring practices, but I am saying a significant portion of them have a root cause from that entire broken process. And if you keep sleeping through it, you're going to keep getting the same results. I don't care what size of an employer you are. The employer and talent relationship is ridiculously fragile. We have evolved into this, "I don't want to be honest or accountable because I'm afraid I'm going to have a reaction that's going to cost me." I've gotta tell you. Bad news, it's gonna happen. People are, if they want to have bad intentions, they will deliver bad intentions.
So there is no process, not even pepelwerk, there is no process that's going to help you avoid the intentions of a human being. But what we can do in this whole concept of bringing match into the work life, is make sure that from the beginning of the introduction, that you're being connected and matched only with people that satisfy your core technical criteria.
Instead of trying to assume they have the core technical criteria and then having personal interactions with somebody and making judgments based on unconscious and conscious bias. Believe me, that is still going to happen because people are part of the process. Error will happen. But if you have information that you can use to be your quarterback to know that you've tried and you've done all that you can possibly do to level the playing field for all job applicants, then I think you have a bigger, powerful toolbox instead of the old adage, well, I don't know so I guess I'm just going to settle for multi-billions of dollars. I'm pretty sure there's like, Google, that can afford the multi-bazillion dollar lawsuit. But, you get the picture.
So, I want you to think about today, the reality of our job market and hiring practices and why you wouldn't want to think about what pepelwerk can do for you as an employer and even a talent to have a fair opportunity to get matched with work based on your skills and respond and react to those opportunities on a simple swipe left or say no thank you and pass right or swipe right and say absolutely.
Opportunity should be truly equal and the only way to make that a true statement is to do things differently. We give you the tools, it's up to you how you use them.