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The Pepelwerk Podcast: Ep 2 - Who We Are

Pepelwerk Podcast Leading the Work Revolution
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the second episode of the pepelwerk podcast. My name is Kim Kelley, the CEO and co-founder of pepelwerk. Today, we're going to dive into who pepelwerk is and what we're really here to do for you. The last week's intro podcast, we explained that pepelwerk is a skills-focused match solution for employers and talent to get connected. We want to be able to empower you, the talent, to own and design your work life. Remember, we're not about the whole work-life balance thing. That's a different podcast, a different time. We're talking about all of the elements that go into how you get work, stay connected to work, and most importantly, stay relevant for the work that we need to move our economy forward.
We want to be able to connect you with jobs that align with whatever www of life and career you're in. For pepelwerk, that means that we wanted to give our talent users the ability, through downloading our app, to set up your own profile that moves and flows when you move and flow, as you learn skills, as your schedule changes, as life's demands on you and what you need to have as your earning potential, when you can work, how you can work, that you can all navigate that and manage that on one consistent platform.
I mean, geez Louise, I don't know if anybody else is tired of creating 100 different versions of resumes for every single situation in life, but I think most people have been there, done that, and know it doesn't work. When you go on to create your talent profile on pepelwerk, know that we created that solution so that you could get connected to work in a much simpler fashion and be able to tell your story through what your work brand is. Remember, when you go on to create your profile, that is as limitless as you want it to be. You can create your scheduleĀ if you have a schedule that only works with when and where you need to work. You can say that you're open-shift if you have no time constraints and are able to connect with different contractors, full-time, internship.
Believe me, I have been through every single www in my life, and now my daughters, as they're getting into their work lives, are realizing that it's complex. Their own profiles change as their work needs change, but the most important thing is, they were able to do it all with the control of the pepelwerk talent app.
My vision in forming this company and the platform was really pretty clear, to see the nature of how we work is changing every day. I think for the past, oh gosh, I would say maybe five years, the amount of hot conversation around the future of work has just multiplied, but we've been talking about how we change and evolve our work environments for really much longer than that. There's one thing that has not moved the needle, and it is how we get connected to work. Now, what that usually means is you create a resume. I actually heard somebody say the other day they had a cover letter. Employers are still going through buckets of, instead of printed resumes, they're going through electronic files of resumes to sift through talent.
Really, we all should be well past that. That's really the beginning of why I created pepelwerk. More freelancers are stepping out full-time. More internships and rotational programs within major organizations are forming, to give people a variety and experience in their work. Before, we had this mentality of we have 9:00 to 5:00, and an internship is at this point in time in life, and I am looking for part-time, and only part-time has these types of constraints on it, but really no more. Work is truly fluid, and the talent that leads the demand of this fluidity, and employers really have to be able to bob and weave to meet talent where they need to be at the right time and at the right place.
From anything that people have done around apps and how you get connected to dating, and food services, and delivery, and ride-sharing, and even entertainment, we have sort of app-ified our existence, but one of the things that seemed to be lacking is a true marketplace for talent and employer to get connected, to be able to respond to the fluidity of our working world and how that is changing for both sides of the conversation. The purpose of creating the pepelwerk app for talent and the employer portal is to really bring that simplified approach to getting connected to work to the job market. If you can pay $10 a month for Netflix, and be very particular about what you choose to get entertained by, or your Spotify, or whatever it is that you're looking at a monthly basis to get a subscription for some sort of reward, I know that most people would like to focus on how they get income and not necessarily how they spend their money all the time.
Believe me, if I had an app that was able to say, "This is the next job opportunity for you in order for you to get X amount more revenue or income for my family," I would be all over that. In fact, I am. I have my pepelwerk app on the system. We all have different work and motivations that move us, and our work lives shouldn't be exceptions to the fact that we're all different, and therefore looking for work that might look different or takes place at different times. We deserve to have that flexibility to get our work done, so we at pepelwerk are honoring that.
One of the most interesting things that I still had heard even, I would say, two years ago from an employer is that they really were adamant that a mixed environment of working remotely and working in an office was just not the right thing to do. For their environment, and for some environments, it is the right thing, because some jobs require a lot more groupthink. Sometimes you have physical inventory that you're working with. Obviously, you can't do that from home, so of course, there's specific roles, and specific jobs, and even specific goals that really define whether or not you can create a mixed-use type of work environment.
What I always encourage employers to think about is that most jobs and most roles can't naturally define themselves like that, and what's the worst thing for employers to do is put so much constraint around how work gets done that it just doesn't get done. With pepelwerk, when an employer matches with a talent, you've already pretty much set the expectation for how you want the working relationship to be. By the time you get to be hired as the talent or hire as the employer, you know what needs to be done, you know what the compensation is going to be of it. There is no guessing. Whether or not an employer doesn't want to have or wants to create more rules around how work gets done, the truth of the matter is, if you're doing that, you're focusing your attention on the rules about your work environment and not focusing on what work needs to be done.
I'd like to challenge you to share what your challenges have been looking for work in the past, and what you're excited to see in the future of the working world. Together, we can push forward in the revolution to empower us at every www of our work lives. We're excited to be part of that conversation and community. So, what I'm asking for is to be in the know. What have I missed, or maybe that you've got funny anecdotes to tell us about what you've actually been challenged within getting connected to work, or even take it a step further and let us know what type of rules employers put on you that just simply made it a turn-off to even want to go and work for them.
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