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Pepelwerk Origins: Finding a Startup Co-Founder

Over the last decade, startup companies have developed an aura of romanticism. That Hollywood, up-and-coming vibe can easily make anyone believe that they can start something and have success rain down in no time. From the years of work experience under my belt and a Doctorate from the School of Hard Knocks, I know better than that. It takes hard work, perseverance and (excruciating) patience to get a startup up and running. And my startup co-founder, Malahar Pinnelli, was crucial.

Tech startup to connect Employers to Talent

Creating a business in the tech space with a people-focus wasn’t exactly new either. Most businesses now like the idea of helping people and tech is the sexy conversation to be a part of. The question became, "Who could I ask to become my co-founder in creating something different in the sea of sameness?" I wanted to create a platform that connects employers with talent in a new way, one that involved a seamless experience for both sides.
I didn’t anticipate my journey in life would lead me to become the CEO of a woman-owned company in technology. For me, this means I never learned to code. Though the business is a major piece of the startup equation, having a strong technological foundation is a major key to building anything in the tech industry. And pepelwerk combines 25 years of recruitment and HR experience with intelligent skills-matching software.

Finding a startup co-founder for pepelwerk

When Malahar Pinnelli agreed to co-found pepelwerk with me, we took our very different but complementary strengths, and it was game-on for the startup. Malahar is an expert in security infrastructure, technical architecture, and data management. He is at home with complex software design methodologies and has built his own internal HR software system. Malahar also has the business experience to relate to the purpose and vision of pepelwerk. Businesses launch with an idea. The opportunity to become great only arrives because of the people and substance behind the company.
Kim Kelley, CEO & Co-Founder of pepelwerk

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