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Leaving a Job - How to Separate from an Employer

The hardest part of my job has always been separating, terminating, or exiting employees from the organization. When an employer is leaving a job, it can mean that they quit, retire, are terminated, or laid off.

When Leaving a Job is Painful

Some exits are amicable good-byes, and some are just plain painful for both parties. When it’s painful, we try to de-humanize the process by blaming the business. We say that "it's just business". Well, businesses aren’t inanimate objects. The workers in them certainly aren't. Businesses are built by people and sometimes we must own up to the fact that we have to make hard decisions for economic reasons. Even though it can be a painful process to leave a job or be terminated by an employer, it is rarely something we can talk our way out of.
The employee-employer relationship is just like any other human relationship. It takes honesty, communication, and setting expectations, amongst other dynamics to make it work long term. But, sometimes separating from an employer is the right thing to do, even if it doesn't feel good. The truth is that sometimes we all move into relationships too soon. Or, we try and hang onto them far past the point of being healthy for either party.

Why We Stay

An employee can choose to sit in a job for comfort, less risk and the avoidance of the lengthy, drawn-out the process of going back into the job market. An employer can let someone stay to avoid the awkward conversation, the process of retraining someone else, and the same avoidance of going back into the job market to find someone new. And neither knows if the grass will really be greener anyway. 

Turn Leaving a Job into An Opportunity

With the pepelwerk platform, breaking up can be much easier and more human for both sides. Searching online for a new job can be a frustrating process. We've created an alternative to searching online with phrases like “I just got laid off/fired/retired; I hate my job; jobs near me”. You can download the Talent app and look for the next opportunity ready for you. Employers, instead of looking for and paying astronomical fees for outplacement services, you can offer to pay for a membership to give your former employees control over their work lives.

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