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Skilled Trades Are Always In Demand

You’re a high school graduate who feels a bit lost in what to do next, or you’ve been attending college, but you’re not engaged with the subject matter? Have you ever thought of trade school? What is a trade school? A trade school is a post-secondary institution that is designed to teach students the technical skills needed to prepare them for a specific occupation. Over the last 50 or so years, high schoolers were expected to transition to a four-year college, automatically. Since then, the increasingly high costs associated with a college education and economic drawbacks have more people considering trade school as an alternative. 
The U.S. is facing a decline in skilled labor. Manufacturers and construction companies expect a significant need for skilled workers in the coming years, yet the decline in workers will inevitably cause shortages in meeting the demands of their customers. This is a perfect time for the workforce to take advantage and fill the void for long term employment.

So why the shortage? 

Besides the push of high schoolers towards 4-year colleges, there is a misconception of what a trade career is. There are enough people that are capable of moving into the trade world to close the gap, yet people are not willing to do the work. Students have the misconception that skilled labor jobs do not earn as much as career paths that result from a traditional college degree. Especially with the high demand for skilled laborers, this is totally false. The projected growth for building infrastructure makes trade work more sustainable. The need for work that requires a physical presence has an advantage over positions like computer programming or information economy work, which can be more easily given to remote workers or even outsourced to overseas workers. 
Besides specific skills and credentials that apply to different skilled trades, here are some additional skills to add to your talent profile to help you match to a great job:

skilled trades are always in demand
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Trade Skills:

  • OSHA License
  • Power and Hand Tools
  • Driver’s License
  • Reliable
  • Lift 75 Lbs
  • Repairs and Upgrades
  • Work Independently

Skilled Trade Jobs: 

  • Construction manager 
  • Aircraft Mechanic 
  • Electrician 
  • Plumber 
  • Civil Engineering Tech 
  • HVAC Tech 
  • Energy manager 
  • CNC manufacturer  
  • Electronic engineer 
  • Carpenter 
  • Architectural Drafter 

There will always be a need for building, repairing, mechanical servicing, and transporting of goods. Trades are great options for those that would rather take the alternative path, avoid the high cost of post-secondary education, or someone who just needs to make a change from their 9 to 5. Get after it!