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Stand Out in the Job Market Using Skills

The job market is a tough atmosphere to navigate. Whether you’re continually on the move looking for your next step up, or you’ve been unemployed, a job doesn’t just fall in your lap. The unemployment rates in major cities have been declining in recent years, making it seem that there are few jobs to snag. Although it may feel this way, there are great ways to help stand out in a pool of candidates. 

Research Jobs in Your Desired Industry 

It’s one thing to know what you want to do, as in the role you play within a company, but it’s also helpful to target an industry you have interest in or a passion for. For example, if you have the skills of a Project Manager, what type of atmosphere would you like to be working in daily? Perhaps a tech company that focuses on mobile apps or website projects or implementing projects for a non-profit organization that may have nothing to do with technology. Finding an industry, you have invested interest in often leads to longevity simply because you surround yourself with people with the same goals in mind. 

Take Inventory of the Skills You’ve Developed 

When recruiters and hiring managers are reviewing candidates, they’re focused on an individual’s skill set. Skills are the tools a candidate possesses to get the job done. Ensuring you know your strengths during a job search helps avoid something that many people tend to do, which is selling yourself short. When it comes to a job search, everyone must put their “sales” hat on, because you’re essentially selling your skill set and time. The extra effort in preparing online profiles for job searches, such as pepelwerk and LinkedIn, is the most crucial step towards standing out in a crowd.
Networking comes naturally when establishing a social media presence on professional outlets. Be engaged, use these tools for your name to be seen, and reach out to people that may hold the position you’re interested in for mentorship, or maybe someone who works for a company you would like to gain employment with. If this makes you nervous, just keep in mind that others may be stepping out of their comfort zone because that’s what it may take to stand out as a top choice. The below hard and soft skills are the most sought-after skills recruiters look for. Do you specialize in any of these? If so, make sure you have added them to your pepelwerk talent profile so we can match you with an employer looking for your skills!

Examples of Soft Skills

  • Communication skills 
  • Leadership skills 
  • Adaptability and flexibility 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Decision-making 
  • Creativity 
  • Team-working 
  • Time management skills 

Examples of Hard Skills 

  • Computer Technology 
  • Hard Communication Skills. ...Digital communication, copywriting, etc. 
  • Data Analysis 
  • Certifications and Licenses 
  • Marketing 
  • Project Management 
  • Design 
  • Cloud Computing 


Keep learning 

If you may be a little light on experience, don’t let this bring you down. Recruiters and hiring managers can evaluate the skills you’ve acquired in the real world. Therefore, they will take an interest in your life experiences. Even if you don't have a ton of experience, prepare an example of a time you have used your hard or soft skills to accomplish a goal or complete a project. Employers are looking for someone who can demonstrate they have used applicable skills in the past. They also want to see that the prospective employee has a goal to not only maintain their current skill set but is also interested in broadening their talents. As a result, it has become commonplace for employees to take continuing education classes.
Many people begin in one role and expand their skill set through on the job experiences and self-development through continued courses, etc. and end up in a completely different role. Possibilities are endless when you focus on skills, not just experience.
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