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Stop Ghosting and Get Ahead of the Game

There’s a trend in the job market where Talent are "ghosting" recruiters and hiring managers. A buzzword previously used for dating to cut off contact with someone has become applicable to the workplace. With the lowest unemployment rates in two decades, candidates who showed interest in a job, maybe even interviewed and were well along in the hiring process, are now bailing on recruiters. Why are they giving the cold shoulder? Maybe prospects are reacting to previously hurtful job search experiences where recruiters did the same to them.  
Now payback’s hell. 
Problem is, nobody likes getting the silent treatment. Those who have indulged in unprofessional behavior now could be damaging their careers. With signs of a recession in the horizon, employees may see the tides change and the shifting sands will make jobs harder to find. The application process is already confusing, but ghosting can only make it worse. 
PW is a solution ahead of the game. We’re helping Talent control their destiny by connecting them to work directly. Job seekers can create a pepelwerk profile and state their intentions up front. Work when you are available, whether it's a one time shift, consistent weekly schedule, or a one time project. Know where you stand when you’re being considered for a job and what part of the process you are in. Stop waiting and show yourself (and those around you) the respect you both deserve. Move on, stop ghosting around and get ahead of the game.  
Join us and we’ll connect you to work.