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The Pepelwerk Podcast: Episode 01

Transcript from the first episode of The Pepelwerk Podcast, available to listen on SoundCloud. 
Welcome to episode one of the pepelwerk podcast, where we dive into the truth about our working world today and share the best ways to navigate its future. Now, here's our host, CEO and co-founder of pepelwerk Kim Kelley.
Kim Kelley, CEO & Co-Founder of pepelwerk:
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first episode of the pepelwerk podcast. I am ridiculously excited for the journey that is ahead of us! My name is Kim Kelley, and I wanted to hop on our first episode to make an introduction to who pepelwerk is and what to expect from this podcast.
Pepelwerk is a company that connects people to work through an app-based job match with a little twist. We are essentially changing the way that both talent, someone like you, or even our employer-listeners change the way that you approach finding each other. In fact, we're just getting rid of all of the noise and making the conversions as direct as possible. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, we thought so too.
We are all about our talent building their own work brand, by focusing on skills rather than pedigree. I know that the idea of a resume is so old and useless that we'd rather focus the conversation on skills. So, what are the tools that we allow to provide you the opportunity to design your work life? You'll know when you register for our app. But, essentially, we want you to design your own work life. We want you to determine who you work for, where you work and when you work; I mean, it really is time for that type of control over our work life.
We also want to look at how do we build the working relationship between employees and employers. I've got some stories for you that will make you drop your jaw, maybe laugh a little bit, but overall the purpose of sharing is to see how we can leave those bad stories behind and make some forward change for our work lives. No matter what www of work life you're, a working student, a freelancer looking for a full-time work opportunity, maybe a little side hustle, an internship, possibly, to start to kick off your career, or you're simply looking for a full-time opportunity with an employer. But, essentially, we want you to know that pepelwerk is here for you.
So, who am I? Well, I am somebody who has been in the human capital management business for 25 years. I have had experience with Fortune 500 organizations, as well as learning and teaching how small businesses grow and create solid people practices, so I've seen the gamut. Most importantly, the observation that I've made is: over the past 20 plus years, that the employer-employee relationship just becomes more and more dysfunctional, and it's really discouraging. It's the systems, the government processes, the vendors. Well, I know everyone is trying to help; sometimes, we've just made things way more complicated than they need to be.
The old-school practices of managing people need to move out. They are not even keeping pace with the technological world around us or our economic system. I just simply couldn't sit idly by and do nothing, especially while watching my kids, who are Millennials and Gen-Y and my employees, simply come to me and despair that they're feeling the repercussions of a very dysfunctional system.
So, the solution became clear, and that was pepelwerk . Over time, our goal for this podcast and why you're going to be continually engaged in our conversation is the fact that we want to talk about the truth about where the working world is headed. Now, this isn't fake news, this isn't some sort of spin to get you to feel like culture is gonna make you happy in your employer environment. This is the real nitty-gritty, passionate, informative details that allow you, our listeners, to make better decisions if you're an employer or you're a talent, just facing the obstacles of the working world. We're definitely going to discuss sensitive subjects about our working environment.
I'm not trying to be PC about it. PC, sometimes, makes us talk in code, and we don't really understand what each other is trying to say. We already have trouble listening and acting on some of the most valuable information that surround us. So, let's just cut away from the fluff and talk in direct, real terms about the things that matter to us and are impacting our work life on a day-to-day basis. We are going to give you real tools to make smart employee and employer decisions. What that means changes on a day-to-day basis, because we're confronted with different situations on a day-to-day basis: what the market is doing, what the government is doing, what is happening with wages, what's the perception of discrimination, what process is actually going to place for an employer to control those risks. Again, that conversation changes every day, and you may be surprised at what you learn; some of your options and tools, they're right in front of you.
We, of course, from time to time, are gonna make you laugh and, like I mentioned earlier, drop your jaw, because some of the stories that I've encountered over 25 years ... Most people don't understand the difficult situation that you are when you wear that HR or people management hat. You're gonna hear from other guest employers and our special talent. Remember, talent is somebody who's facing the working world; it doesn't mean somebody who is doing a typical job, nine to five. Your working world is vast and complex, and there are options that are out there for you that we also want to show you, but they may not be the ones that are right in front of you, they may not be the traditional path. So, we're also gonna demonstrate some samples of what that is, through our talent stories.
We're gonna highlight the stories of other working professionals, because there are industries, there are jobs, where people are struggling with things that you may not recognize, because the shoe isn't on the other foot. About the obstacles that people face in their working life may help you either appreciate the work life situations that you have or feel motivated to bring other change for others. Of course, we're gonna demonstrate in feature stories that help you navigate the working world.
Today, there are thousands of solutions to connect you with work. But that doesn't help you navigate all of your choices to simply bring income, manage your family life, accomplish your goals; that could be travel, and it could be just a simple, "I want to buy a concert ticket." How do you navigate the working world around you to accomplish those other life goals? Now, we don't talk about work-life balance here, because there are plenty of people who try to bring enlightenment to that conversation. We are really talking about the choices that you make around your work life. Most importantly, we want you to be prepared for the future of work.
We've been talking now for the past 15 to 20 years about the advancement of the technology and the automation impact and what does that do for our jobs today and, more importantly, what is that gonna do to our jobs in the next 10, 15 years. We're gonna talk about real information with big companies that let us know what their perspectives are. The results of that will be action-oriented information, so that you know how to better prepare yourself for the working world ahead of us.
Now, of course, I have to say, as a reminder, we'll be posting new episodes once a week, but we want to connect with you online all the time. We are super engaged with our audience, and we want to talk about conversations that matter most to you. So, don't shy away from tough topics; we're ready to take them head-on. Even if you have a question that you think no one else is gonna answer or appreciate, remember what your teacher said, "There's no stupid questions, ever." We want to be sure that you understand that we're here to champion your cause, whether you're an employer that's having an awful situation with the way that you're structuring your employees or maybe some challenges around culture, or you're a talent that's really confused about what is the next career step for you; maybe you just graduated a high school and you need some advice. Bring it up, let's talk about it.
So, first and foremost, download the app. We want you to stay connected to work, that's our objective. Download the app, create your talent profile and create your work brand. Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube, where you have more conversations and behind the scenes footage. We also welcome your feedback. I am not afraid to hear constructive feedback. But if you're gonna be mean just to be mean, you can probably keep that to yourself. So, if you like what you hear, of course I want to hear the positive side of your feedback as well. Tell me what it is that you are interested in hearing about, and we'll add that to our list of topics. We do have the option for you to rate us and provide comments on iTunes and a variety of platforms that you could be listening on. So, please, take a couple of seconds. It's important to us to make valuable content for you. Thanks for listening. Remember, I can give you all the tools in the world, but it's up to you what you do with it.