Help Desk Assistant

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A Help Desk Assistant is responsible for providing technical support and assistance to users who are experiencing issues with their computer systems, software, or hardware. They respond to inquiries via phone, email, or in person and troubleshoot problems to identify the root cause of the issue. Help Desk Assistants also provide guidance on how to resolve common technical issues and may escalate more complex problems to senior IT staff. Additionally, they maintain records of user interactions and resolutions in order to track trends and improve overall system performance. Strong communication skills, patience, and a good understanding of technology are essential for success in this role.

Key responsibilities include:

Provide first-level technical support to end users.
troubleshoot hardware and software issues.
escalate complex problems to senior IT staff as needed.
assist with setting up new user accounts and equipment.
maintain accurate records of all help desk interactions.
follow up with users to ensure issues are resolved satisfactorily.

Abilities (skills)

Help Desk
Kayako Software
Telecommunications Service
Statistical Analysis
Active Directory Users and Computers

Areas of interest

Information Technology
Analytics & Business Intelligence
Management Consulting Firms

Time Commitment

Part time

Work Location

Work From Home

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