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Direct Hire Sanitation Jobs That Match Your Skills

Jobs in Demand in Sanitation

What Does a Sanitation Worker Do?

The Job

Sanitation Worker

What is a Sanitation Worker?

Sanitation Workers ensure buildings and public spaces are in clean and orderly condition. They perform cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, washing walls and glass and removing trash. They may also do routine maintenance activities and notify management of needed repairs.

Why companies need Sanitation Workers

The purpose of this role is to ensure that cleanliness and sanitation is maintained for a business.

How can I get paid the most?

Achieve your performance goals and measures of success.
  • Cleanliness and sanitation is maintained.
  • Cleaning tools are used safely.
  • Adjustments and repairs are made on time.

What do Sanitation Workers do?

As a Sanitation Worker, you will clean buildings, service cleaning equipment and identify any needs for repairs.

  • Clean Buildings: Gather trash, sweep, mop, scrub, vacuum, polish floors, clean windows, dust and keep spaces clean and well-maintained.

  • Service Cleaning Equipment: Ensure that all cleaning equipment is in order and functional.

  • Identify Need for Repairs: Notify management of the need for repairs to bathrooms, equipment or other parts of a building.

In addition to these highlights there may be other tasks/actions that you will be asked to participate in or complete that coincide with accomplishing the organization’s objectives that are broader than the direct responsibilities of this in-demand job.

Who manages you and who do you work with?

This role reports to the sanitation lead. You will work with janitors, dishwashers, maids, cleaners and building maintenance workers.

The Person

What attitude, attributes and abilities do you need to do the job well and fit with the company culture?

What Abilities (skills and experience) do I need?

  • Time management
  • Customer service
  • Public safety
  • Dexterity
  • Static strength
  • Flexibility
  • Hand-eye coordination

Nice-to-Have Skills

  • Knowledge of chemistry
  • Knowledge of cleaning products & equipment

What Attributes & Attitudes are a best fit for this job?

  • Driven
  • Critical thinking
  • Service oriented
  • Persistent
  • Ability to lift heavy objects
  • Organized
  • Focused
  • Detailed oriented
  • Communicative
  • Performance driven
  • Mentally nimble
  • Proactive
  • Can handle direct feedback
Attitude, Attributes & Abilities for Sanitation Jobs

The Work

Time Commitment

  • Flexible 
  • Schedule 

Where do you work?

  • Remote 
  • In-Office/Worksite 

How will you get your work done?

Company typically will provide you with the tools that they need you to use to complete your job. This may not include hardware, transportation, or general tools that you would use for both personal and business purposes. Check with the company you match to be sure of what the company will and will not pay for. 

The Type of Job​

  • Full-Time 
  • Part-Time  

These jobs are in demand may also include Internship, Apprenticeship or Learn-On-The-job matches.

Giggers, part-time or independent contractors with multiple clients or projects may not match for this work opportunity.  

What will I get paid and what I will get for doing this job?

The information below is a range of what you could be offered. Compensation and total rewards vary from company to company and your level of proficiency, match, experience, knowledge, and geography. 

  • Total Compensation Range: $24,950-$62,310
  • Employee Benefit, Programs, Perks: $5,000- $25,000 per year 
  • Paid Time Off and National Holidays  
  • Purpose or Impact Alignment between your interests and the companies’ objectives 

 All elements of the total rewards: base compensation, variable compensation, health, and welfare programs the offerings and the conditions of receiving or eligibility of such offerings are all subject to change. The company will provide any changes in writing prior to the effective date.

The Company

All companies that you could match with on pepelwerk offer legitimate direct hire jobs. The people that you will work for and with are interested in building a team of people that have the right fit for the culture, the job and compliment how the team works. 

When you match for jobs you will have an opportunity to learn more specifics about the company to determine if you are interested in working for them.  

How to find the best job for you?

You download the People app and complete your Talent profile. Pepelwerk is not a staffing agency, and we are not a job board. We are a tool that is designed to help you get the job you need now and plan for jobs in demand in the future. You must match with the right fit based on your work-life goals, attitude and attributes.   

Just a heads up  you cannot apply for jobs at pepelwerk or with our clients who use our technology and services to hire people and build their workforce.  

No resume gaming, no keyword riddles, no ghosting and no fake jobs – just a secure, closed marketplace place for you to build the work-life you want.   

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