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How can pepelwerk offer career services to students in my certificate, license, master class program?

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Steps for non-traditional educators to create their career services account.

Unique to this market will be that pepelwerk will help retention in the program because the student will set their learn, work and life goals at the beginning of the journey.  Many of these students are reentering the job market in a different capacity.  It will help keep them stay motivated as they see goals being achieved.  In this area it is so easy for these students to lose focus because life gets in their way.  They may be juggling a job while they further their education and/or a family because they tend to be older.  If the school can show them progress it will keep them engaged and motivated to get to the finish line. 

These students may have a really hard time visualizing what their goals really are so our coaches and mentors will be of tremendous value. 

Many times these are the mismatched applicants to the jobs available.  Some of it is the fault of the school sales staff and some of it is the student not really knowing how to identify their life goals.  They hear that if you want a job go get your CN license but they may not really want to be a nurse.  I think our solution helps alleviate some of this because of our attributes and skills assessments up front. We know this is a big problem for companies because they invest time and money in hiring and training only to lose the person rather quickly. 

The reporting system would be excellent for this area because many times the student has given up long before the administrator of the program realizes there is a problem.  Through our reporting they can start to see a pattern where the student isn’t engaging sooner and try to turn that around before they give up.  It gives talking points to engage the student and the administrator of the program.  It will help the administrator of the program have data on student engagement quickly. 

Our reporting will help schools and administration identify what resources are working and which ones need improving.  I think it helps identify staff hires/changes/roles.  It helps them see trends in the marketplace from one period of time to another since the job market is constantly changing.  It will help them adjust their curriculum to meet the present day needs. 

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